Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)

What is the Educational Opportunity Fund Program?
The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program is a New Jersey state-legislated support program that provides access to higher education for students who demonstrate the potential to succeed in college. Students who possess a high level of academic motivation and qualify for admission on the basis of academic and financial need, will receive a grant that is part of their financial aid package. EOF students will participate in a range of programs designed to support their success in college, including a pre-college summer bridge program and academic/personal counseling.

The EOF Experience (Read More)

The EOF Experience consists of a collaboration of services, programs, and individuals dedicated to helping students at Bloomfield College become successful, engaged and well-oriented members of the campus community. Students will participate in the following features of the program:

  • Five-week residential Pre-College Summer Bridge Program.
  • Individual and group counseling (academic, personal, financial and career).
  • Social and civic engagement activities including monthly group unity meetings.
  • Career Development Based Programs (internships, job shadowing, mock interviewing etc.)
  • Peer Mentoring programs to assist first year students.
  • Legacy of Leaders celebration to celebrate the student leaders on campus.
  • Pride Day celebration to recognize students' academic achievements.
  • Leadership Empowerment Series/Workshops.
  • Individual and group professional tutors to help students become stronger academically.
  • Motivational Student Support Program (MSSP) sessions to help students study in groups.
  • Positive Academic Student Support (P.A.S.S) program to help students enhance their academic growth

The program has a limited number of spaces and is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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