EOF Eligibility

To participate in the Bloomfield College Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program, students must provide appropriate documentation and meet the following eligibility requirements. Please carefully read through all the criteria carefully:

Transfer Students

2022-23 EOF Income Eligibility Scale with Asset Cap Calculation


Household Size (including scholar)

Family Gross Income Does Not Exceed

Asset Cap Calculation* (Based on Household Size) Does Not to Exceed

























For each additional household member add




**In order for students to qualify for New Jersey State aid, upon request, applicants must provide proof of verifiable income, such as U.S. Tax return transcripts, IRS wage statements, or proof of income through a federal or state agency, i.e. TANF, SSI, SNAP, etc.


  1. Complete your New Jersey Financial Aid System "TO DO List" for State Grants and Scholarships.
  2. The EOF grant will be added to your student account once you have submitted all documents requested to by the Office of Student Financial Services and they can verify that your income & assets meet state requirements.

Verification Process


Common Forms Requested

How to get the Forms


Parent and/or Student 2020 Tax Return Transcript from the IRS.

*Signed 1040s Tax Returns will not be accepted for EOF review. Need Help? Click Here

Order from IRS.GOV


Parent and/or Student  2020 W-2 Forms

Order from IRS.GOV or Contact Previous Employers 


Yearly Statement of Social Security Benefits (SA-1099) received by all members of your family in  2020. No monthly statements 

Order from the Social Security Administration


Proof of Citizenship for U.S. Citizens

U.S. Passport or Green Card (Front & Back Copies)  


Yearly Statement of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Benefits received by all members of your family in  2020.  No monthly statements 

Order from your local County Social Services Office


Parent and/or Student  2020 Verification of Non-filing letter from the IRS

Order from IRS.GOV


Parent and/or Student  2020 Wage and Income Statement from the IRS

Order from IRS.GOV


 Yearly Statement of Social Security Benefits (SSI) received by all members of your family in 2020. No monthly statements 

Order from your local Social Services County Office


For assistance, please contact your EOF Counselor or Ms. Eloise Murray

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