Humanities is the unique intersection of the arts, history and culture.

Bloomfield College Humanities students have interned for major television networks and politicians' offices. Students get a rewarding one-on-one experience with their professors.


You’ll grow skills in
problem-solving and writing.

Well-known broadcasters
have met with students
at campus events.

Many professors are
award-winning experts
in their fields.



“My greatest impact in the classroom has been giving students the confidence that they can achieve their goals in a field that is fiercely competitive.” – Esther Dillard, Bloomfield Broadcast Journalism faculty
“The Broadcast Journalism major gives students a comprehensive mix of classes that give students the ability to understand the history of journalism and where journalism is today. Classes in this major allow students to get hands-on experience creating product for print, radio and television.”
– Esther Dillard, Bloomfield Broadcast Journalism faculty
“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” — Henry Luce, magazine publisher