Tuition Payment Plan

Payment Plan System

Bloomfield College is excited to offer a payment plan system with Cash Net to pay your semester charges. The payment plan is an alternative to paying your balance in full. The payment plan offers functionality such as access to student account information in real-time, online management of accounts including payment plan adjustments and payment preferences of direct debit from a checking or savings (ACH) or credit card payments.

The plan is interest-free and splits your fall or spring semester balance into convenient monthly payments. There is a $25 enrollment fee. Our fall plan begins in June and ends in November (6 monthly payments). The spring plan begins in December and ends in May (6 monthly payments).  A payment plan may be established after June or December but the number of payments decreases as each plan’s end date remains the same. By budgeting ahead for the upcoming semester charges, you may be able to reduce the number of loans needed for the school year.

Bill Settlement and Payments

The following credit cards are accepted as payment – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. Credit card payments can be accepted at the Office of Student Financial Services by telephone or by following the link on Web Advisor for TouchNet if paying the balance due in full.    

Students should meet with an Office of Student Financial Services counselor if financial aid documents are missing or have questions pertaining to their award package.

Bill Settlement will be given to students who complete one of the following options:

  • Pay their balance due in full, or
  • Set up an approved payment plan using Cash Net Payment Plan Portal, or
  • Receive enough financial aid to cover their entire bill (the Office of Student Financial Services will make this determination).

As a resident student, if bill settlement has been completed your name will be included on a list forwarded to the Residential Education and Housing Office.

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