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Get Broadcast Journalism Major and college bachelors degree information


When you major in Broadcast Journalism, you gain knowledge and skills in writing, reporting, public speaking and meeting deadlines – all skills that prepare you well for the real world, no matter your path. With a Broadcast Journalism degree, you can become a reporter, a TV anchor, a writer, an editor or a producer, and you’ll also be poised for success in digital media, marketing, public relations, corporate communications and law.

Please review the recommended sequence of courses.

What you’ll study:

Mass communication, media writing, radio and television, news gathering, broadcast journalism

What you can do:

Become a reporter, producer, TV anchor, digital media specialist, sports journalism, public relations, editor or writer

Get Broadcast Journalism Major and college bachelors degree information

Students have interned at:

  • WNBC
  • Sirius Radio
  • The Wendy Williams Show
  • Jazz House Kids
  • The Office of Congressman Donald Payne
  • BET
  • The “Live with Kelly and Michael” show

Get Broadcast Journalism Major and college bachelors degree information

Fast Facts

  • You’ll receive an iPad, keyboard, microphone and selected apps. This equipment is used throughout your time in the program. The Broadcast Journalism major is iPad based.
  • Bloomfield College has welcomed such broadcast journalists to campus as Lori Stokes, Gayle King, Soledad O'Brien, and Maurice DuBois.
  • You can produce shows for WCBR, the internet radio station. You’ll take classroom trips to media networks such as CBS, NBC and WBGO Radio.
  • Bloomfield College students have the opportunity to attend special on-campus events with media experts.
  • Bloomfield College Broadcast Journalism faculty have won prestigious awards, including one for lifetime achievement.
  • Bloomfield College students have attended the IBS Radio Conference in New York City and have been finalists for awards in the categories of ” Best Celebrity Artist Interview”, “Best Specialty Show”, “Best Public Affairs Show” and “Best Interview Show.”
  • Bloomfield grads have won documentary film awards and have had their videos featured on non-profit organization websites and conferences.

Get Broadcast Journalism Major and college bachelors degree information

You could be …

A reporter or TV anchor: Median pay $38,870 per year. Journalists inform the public about news and events. They report the news for newspapers, magazines, websites, television, radio and even social media.

A producer: Median pay $70,950 per year. Producers create television shows, newscasts, movies, live theater, commercials and other productions. They interpret a writer’s script to inform or entertain an audience.

A writer: Median pay $61,240 per year. Writers develop written content for advertisements, books, magazines, movie and television scripts, songs, blogs and other types of media.

An editor: Median pay $57,210 per year. Editors plan, review and revise content for publication.

A public relations specialist: Median pay $58,020 per year. Public relations specialists create and maintain a favorable public image for the organization they represent. They design media releases to shape public perception of their organization and to increase awareness.

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Get Broadcast Journalism Major and college bachelors degree information

Student Projects

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Journalism student

Contact Information

Esther Dillard

Esther Dillard

Assistant Professor

Phone: 973-748-9000, ext. 1278
Office: Seibert Hall, Room 17

Jeanne Nutter

Jeanne Nutter


Phone: 973-748-9000, ext. 1280
Office: Seibert Hall, Room 24

“My greatest impact in the classroom has been giving students the confidence that they can achieve their goals in a field that is fiercely competitive.” – Esther Dillard, Bloomfield Broadcast Journalism faculty
“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” — Henry Luce, magazine publisher
“The Broadcast Journalism major gives students a comprehensive mix of classes that give students the ability to understand the history of journalism and where journalism is today. Classes in this major allow students to get hands-on experience creating product for print, radio and television.” – Esther Dillard, Bloomfield Broadcast Journalism faculty