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Before submitting your data request, please review the information already available on the website or in our online Fact Book. If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please complete this form. The time to receive data depends on the complexity of the request, data availability and current projects. Please give us as much advanced notice as possible if you are working with a deadline.

Only use this form if you are in need of institutional data about Bloomfield College.


Contact Information
(What type of data? For what group? Examples: first-year admissions data for planning committee, 4-year graduation rates for programs in Business, graduate enrollment in History, etc.)
(How will it be used? Who is the intended audience? Examples: program review, accreditation, department meeting, etc.)
Year(s) and semester(s) for which data is being requested (Fall data is used for official reporting)
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring
 (Any additional years or data parameters to consider while producing your data.)
(e.g. the report or table being populated). DO NOT upload any raw data files, or any files with SSN. Please reach out to us separately to arrange appropriate data transfers. 
One file only.
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Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, bmp, eps, tif, pict, psd, txt, rtf, html, odf, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, xml, avi, mov, mp3, ogg, wav, bz2, dmg, gz, jar, rar, sit, svg, tar, zip.

The Office of Institutional Research reserves the right and sole discretion not to fulfill any data request submitted through this portal without explanation. Requests may be denied if deemed inappropriate or if they may bring harm to Bloomfield College, our staff, faculty, students or affiliates.

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