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The Office of Institutional Research (IR) collects, stores, analyzes, and disseminates accurate and timely institutional data and information to the Bloomfield College community, governmental and accrediting agencies, and other internal and external audiences as appropriate. IR’s objective is to provide information and analyses to support informed decision making, accreditation, assessment, program evaluation, strategic and operational planning.

The Office conducts research and analysis to facilitate policies and practices that fosters equity, enrollment growth, retention, and completion. IR translates research results into actionable plans and provides data as applicable to departments, faculty, and staff to solicit grants, conduct department and program reviews, as well as to ensure that the College is in compliance with federal and state mandated reporting requirements.


In support of the vision and mission of Bloomfield College, the Office of Institutional Research endeavors to support senior administration by providing expertise and leadership in research and data analyses to facilitate effective decision making.

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