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Security Tips

  •     Don’t take your safety for granted: be alert, aware and cautious. Trust your instincts, use your best judgment and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  •     Do not assume that college campuses are automatically safe. Each year over 100,000 crimes are reported at colleges and universities throughout the country. The most common is theft.
  •     Lock all doors and windows whenever you leave your residence hall or office.
  •     Keep doors locked. Use the peephole or ask who’s there before opening the door.
  •     Don’t lend keys to others. Keep your keys safe and don’t leave them lying around your room or office.
  •     Report lost or stolen keys to Residence Life and/or Security immediately.
  •     Do not bring unnecessary valuables to campus. Always secure valuables you do bring and take them with you when leaving campus during breaks.
  •     If you carry a pocketbook, keep it under your arm and close to your body. Don’t leave pocketbooks, bags, coats and books unattended.
  •     Report any suspicious activities or persons to campus security.
  •     Walk in groups of two or more – especially at night. Avoid isolated areas.
  •     Always park in well-lit areas. Lock your car and lock valuables in the trunk.
  •     Remember to activate the alarm system and/or steering wheel lock device if you have one.
  •     Know where fire alarms are located and never tamper with fire alarms or fire extinguishers.

Student and Employee Responsibility

The success of the overall safety and security program at Bloomfield College depends on everyone’s participation and is crucial. Office and room doors should be locked when unattended. At night, students and employees should walk or park in lighted areas and walk on well-lit paths. Avoid shortcuts and dark isolated spots. Cars should be locked at all times. Store valuables in a locked trunk or take them with you. Do not walk alone and ask a friend to walk with you if possible, especially at night.

To make your campus a safe place, be alert for suspicious individuals and hazardous situations. Be cautious so you will not be a crime statistic. Be security conscious. Watch out for others and their property. Be responsible and report all crimes – actual, attempted or suspected – to the Department of Security.


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