College to unveil new joint bachelor's-master's in accounting program

By: Andrew Mees, Director of Institutional Communications and Campaign Marketing         

Bloomfield College will give accounting students a new, cost-effective way to obtain a graduate degree beginning in the fall of 2016, as the institution will unveil a new five-year Joint Bachelor of Science-Master of Science program that will ease the financial burden of graduate school while preparing participants for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

The College will also offer a similar program for transfer students, providing a three-year option for undergraduates with an associate degree or equivalent upon their admission to Bloomfield.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that there will continue to be a need for accountants, especially Certified Public Accountants, during the next decade,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Tresmaine Grimes. “The five-year M.S. in accounting at Bloomfield College provides the opportunity for students to become Certified Public Accountants more quickly.

“Equally important, most statistics indicate that African Americans account for approximately 1 percent of Certified Public Accountants. As a school that the federal government designates as a Predominately Black Institution, Bloomfield College is uniquely positioned to help improve this statistic by preparing our students for accounting careers.”

The new program will offer incoming students the option of pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree in accounting with built-in graduate coursework, reducing the number of master’s classes needed from 10 to six in the students’ fifth year of study. The reduction in graduate courses will make the program one of the most affordable in the state of New Jersey, and will also allow students the opportunity to begin their career while finishing graduate degree requirements.

Under the new curriculum, students will receive credits that can be used to sit for the CPA exam, with test preparation services built into the program in conjunction with the institution’s Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning (CITEL) and its Test Center.

To achieve formal admittance into the program, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at Bloomfield College and earn a grade of B or better in the major’s four core classes. Once all core classes have been completed, students must secure the recommendation of a College faculty member before applying for admission. Current students who meet the offering’s criteria will be eligible to transfer into the program.

“The field of accounting is constantly changing, so people in the profession need to update their skills constantly as well,” said business division chairperson Robert Collmier. “One of the best ways to do that is to advance your knowledge while getting a master’s degree at the same time, so we wanted to provide that for students in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.”

The institution will continue to offer it’s original 10-course master’s degree - which was launched in 2011 as Bloomfield’s first graduate program - in addition to the new options, providing several opportunities for students to earn a cutting-edge graduate degree in a high-demand industry.

“Adding the joint B.S.-M.S. in accounting program is another example of Bloomfield College listening to the needs of our students and building an attractive, streamlined and affordable educational experience,” said Vice President for Enrollment Management Adam Castro. “This program offers a clear pathway to an advanced degree in a field with tremendous job placement opportunities. Plus, the robust student support services we are known for - including CPA exam prep - will keep students on track and successful in this demanding field. I believe accounting at Bloomfield College will quickly become a destination program for both new and transfer students.”

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