Bloomfield College Student Publishes First Book


Bloomfield College student, Adley Beaubrun ’20, has recently self-published his first book. Published through his company, Women & Wealth, Meet Your Blessings Halfway, is more than just a self-help book.

“To successfully accomplish anything significant in life, there is a set of rules you must follow. In Meet Your Blessings Halfway, I discuss energy and how crucial it is to monitor the company you keep. I discuss failure and how to overcome it,” said Beaubrun. “I wanted to create a piece that readers could then take what they learned and apply it to their lives to build an abundant and healthy life. This book will serve as a guide for anyone who feels lost or is in need of direction.”

“We live in a digital age where many have chosen to live reality through a screen,” added Beaubrun. “I wanted to remind individuals about the art of finding yourself first, and cultivating a vision and putting the necessary actions behind that vision, in order to leave behind a legacy that makes the people in your life proud.”

Beaubrun believes this book will connect to fellow Bloomfield College students and the public at large due to the nature of the topics discussed in the book.

“As a college student, you deal with so much in terms of assignments and trying to find adequate time to have a social life. It can be overwhelming at times,” said Beaubrun. “This book will connect with those who may still be unsure about what they want to do with their lives.”

The International Business major, who writes a weekly blog, was born in New York and calls East Orange, New Jersey, home. Beaubrun is a graduate of Tech High School in Newark. Though still a few years away from graduating from Bloomfield College, Beaubrun plans on traveling the world as he continues to build his company.

“I’ve been through many of storms, but I found my way back and I hold this book especially close, because I know the lessons and topics discussed in it could improve lives,” expressed Beaubrun. “I’ve been waiting my whole life to write this book and I hope readers feel my drive for advancement on every page. This book is straight to the point, and the messages in it are very powerful.”

Meet Your Blessings Halfway is available in e-format here.

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