Faculty/Staff Directory

Bloomfield College Directory - A list of all employees at Bloomfield College with last name, first name, department, email Directory of employees at Bloomfield College
Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Reid Greg Library 1337 greg_reid@bloomfield.edu
Richlan Lisa International Training and Professional Studies 1656 lisa_richlan@bloomfield.edu
Rivera Raquel Enrollment Management/Admissions 1749 raquel_rivera@bloomfield.edu
Ruff Mark Enrollment Management/Admissions 1397 mark_ruff@bloomfield.edu
Russo Paul Natural Science and Mathematics 1312 paul_russo@bloomfield.edu
Ryan Jennifer Nursing 1323 jennifer_ryan@bloomfield.edu
Sanchez Ellis Enrollment Management/Admissions 1753 ellis_sanchez@bloomfield.edu
Sanchez Angel Student Financial Services/Student Accounts Receivable 1792 angel_sanchez@bloomfield.edu
Sarmadi Cecile Business Office 1477 cecile_sarmadi@bloomfield.edu
Shillitani Matt Enrollment Mangement/Marketing 1267 matthew_shillitani@bloomfield.edu
Sim Morgan Enrollment Management/Admissions 1248 morgan_sim@bloomfield.edu
Skinner Daniel Social and Behavioral Science 1282 daniel_skinner@bloomfield.edu
Smith Erik Enterprise Information Services 1382 erik_smith@bloomfield.edu
Smith Denise Academic Affairs 1101 denise_smith@bloomfield.edu
St. Hilaire Lisa Career Development 1132 lisa_st.hilaire@bloomfield.edu
Stevenson Dawn Student Financial Services/Financial Aid 1204 dawn_stevenson@bloomfield.edu
Strum Michele Student Financial Services/Financial Aid 1442 michele_strum@bloomfield.edu
Svercauski Jacquelyn Nursing 1328 jacquelyn_svercauski@bloomfield.edu
Tejada Bueno Paola Educational Opportunity Fund 1784 paola_tejada@bloomfield.edu
Thomas Gina PBI Grant Office 1682 gina_thomas@bloomfield.edu

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