Faculty/Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Brown Shaquandah Natural Science and Mathematics 1596 Shaquandah_Brown648@bloomfield.edu
Brown-Johnson Leah Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1258 leah_brown@bloomfield.edu
Burchfield Rick Enrollment Mangement/Marketing 1387 rick_burchfield@bloomfield.edu
Calcagno Vincent Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Calish Sherrie PBI Grant Office 1681 sherrie_calish@bloomfield.edu
Campbell Craigon Enterprise Information Services 1783 craigon_campbell@bloomfield.edu
Capozzi Mayra Business Office 1432 mayra_capozzi@bloomfield.edu
Castro Tammy Natural Science and Mathematics 1445 tammy_castro@bloomfield.edu
Cavanagh Kevin Enrollment Management/Admissions 1219 kevin_cavanagh@bloomfield.edu
Christiansen Kyle Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Cibelli Nicole Enrollment Management/Admissions 1230 nicole_cibelli@bloomfield.edu
Cividanes Jacqueline Athletics 1768 jacqueline_cividanes@bloomfield.edu
Cleophat Nixon Humanities 1236 nixon_cleophat@bloomfield.edu
Cobb Alexis Residental Education and Housing 1351 alexis_cobb@bloomfield.edu
Collmier Robert Business 1389 robert_collmier@bloomfield.edu
Contella Carol Facilities/Physical Plant 1263 carol_contella@bloomfield.edu
Cook Grace Natural Science and Mathematics 1273 grace_cook@bloomfield.edu
Corley Ashton Business Office 1220 ashton_corley@bloomfield.edu
Cortez Jack Security 1415 jack_cortez@bloomfield.edu
Courter Kyle Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1268 kyle_courter@bloomfield.edu

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