Web Advisor Registration

Log Into Web Advisor 
Click on “Students Menu”
Click on “Register for Sections” under the Registration Section 
Here you can choose either “Search and Register for Sections” or “Express Registration” 
If you know exactly which courses you’d like, click “Express Registration” 
If you need to search through courses first, click “Search and Register for Sections” 
“Search and Register for Sections” “Express Registration”
Select Term (Spring 2014) 
*do not enter start and end date
Select Subject (For example: BIOLOGY) 
Select Subject (For example: BIOLOGY) 
*you do not need to enter course 
number or section 
Enter the Course Number and Section 
Check the box next to the course you would
like to add to your schedule 
Example: Intro to Philosophy-enter 
Philosophy      100B        1
Subject            Number    Section 
Click Submit Select Term (Spring 2014)
Select “Register” in the Action box next to the selected course 
Click Submit
Click Submit 
Select “Register” in the Action
box next to each entered course 
Repeat this process for each course 
you’d like to add to your schedule 
Click Submit 
Please review “sections for which you are currently registered” to make sure your registration was submitted correctly! 
Note: You may have to scroll down on the page to view this