How To Create A Schedule

You will need the following:
Progress Chart or Program Evaluation~ a list of all course requirements needed to graduate 
Course Catalog~ explains the components of each course and all necessary pre requisites 
Course Schedule~ lists each class offered for the current semester, time and day of class, and professor 
Web Advisor~ lists course availability 
1. Look over your Program Evaluation (found on web advisor) or Progress Chart (received during fresh/soph/jun 
checks) to determine what classes you need to take 
2. Select the Math and English courses next in sequence until you have completed these requirements 
3. Review list of major courses and select the ones you’d like to take 
4. Review list of general education requirements located in the college catalog based on the academic year you 
began. Exceptions are listed below: 
a. Transfer students beginning Fall 2012, use pg. 53 in 2011-2012 catalog for a list of general education 
b. If you are returning to the college after 3 years or more, you will be placed under the new catalog year 
5. Read the course catalog for a description and list of pre requisites for each course 
6. Refer to course schedule and/or web advisor to make sure course is offered and available for current semester 
7. Make sure to take into account your personal, work, athletic and home responsibility schedules when planning 
your classes 
*Refer to class standing box, for the date you may begin registration 
Class Standing Registration Date:
Seniors (More than 23.25 cus) April 14th
Juniors (14.25-23 cus) April 15th
Sophomores (6.5-14 cus) April 16th
Freshmen (0-6.25 cus) April 17th