Housing Options

Your Home Away From Home. That is what we strive to create here at Bloomfield College. The Residential Education and Housing department works hard to make sure that your time spent living on campus is engaging, happy, healthy and safe.

Campus Housing

Applying for On Campus Housing

All Students interested in living on campus must have full-time student status (3 course units = 12 credits). With the exception of first semester students, admittance to residence facilities will be based on academic performance, good citizenship, and the discretion of the Director of Residential Education & Housing (first year/transfer students will complete a form provided by the Admissions Office and submit a $250 non-refundable resident deposit). First-year students that complete the appropriate form and remit the $250 non-refundable resident deposit are not guaranteed residence on campus. Housing assignments are prioritized by commuting distance to and from the College.

On Campus Housing Facilities

Clee Hall is a multi-level traditional corridor style double/triple room facility that houses 118 students. The lower level and first floor are for men and the second and third floors are for women.

Schweitzer Hall is a multi-level traditional corridor style double/triple room facility that houses 83 first year and transfer students. The second floor is for women, the third floor is for men and the lower level is a unisex floor.

Clee and Schweitzer Hall are equipped with: High-Optic Cable Television, telephone wiring (optional service) in both buildings, and Internet access; laundry facility, community lounge area and computer labs available on the lower level of the buildings. Floor and room assignments are gender specific. A community bathroom is located on each floor. Resident Advisors are assigned to each floor to monitor community living. Bedrooms are all furnished with beds, desks/chairs, dresser, and closets. Security is stationed on the first level of the building during peak operational hours. All rooms meet local and state fire safety standards.

Residential Houses are non-traditional style coed single/double room facilities -- accommodating 5-17 students per residence. Living in a residential house residence is a privilege. Students granted this opportunity are academically strong, have a history of good citizenship and are willing to commit to the purpose and intent of a particular residence theme/interest or discipline.

All houses are equipped with High-Optic Television, and laundry facility on the first level. All rooms are equipped with beds, desks/chairs, dresser, and closets to meet number of occupants. The residential houses have the following community areas: full kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and mini computer labs with Internet access. A Resident Advisor is assigned to monitor activities in each living unit. All rooms meet local and state fire safety standards.

225 Liberty is our recently renovated co-ed residence hall which accommodates 91 upperclassmen students. It is a living and learning apartment-style building with single, double and triple bedrooms with a small kitchenette in most apartments. All bedrooms come equipped with the basic amenities: bed, dresser, desk, chair and closets. High-Optic Cable Television is provided to all students in this facility. There is also access to wireless internet. There are laundry rooms on each floor and the lower level of the building has a community lounge and a Kitchenette. There is one fitness center on the first floor in the building for all the students.

Franklin Hall  is our brand new state of the art facility located on Franklin Street. All apartments are 2 or 4 double person bedrooms equipped with full kitchens, living room furniture, and high definition flat screen television with high-optic cable. Franklin Hall also includes a gym, computer lab, game room and rooftop patio for the residents.  It is designated as "Premium Housing" and designated only for Juniors & Seniors in good academic and judicial standing, with a cumulative G.P.A of 2.3 or above.

What To Bring Housing Checklist

Most often, students bring more than they realistically need their first semester at college. Many students end up sending half of their belongings back home! To help our students realistically pack for college, we're created a list that highlights the most commonly needed (and often forgotten!) things to pack. Please check your MyBloomfield page for more information. Remember, college is both an academic and social experience. Be prepared to work hard and achieve high standards, but also enjoy all that college life has to offer!