Spiritual Life

The Campus Chaplain is responsible for fostering and nurturing spiritual growth and wholeness during your years of living and learning at Bloomfield College. The chaplain can provide support for individuals and groups engaged in religious activities related to specific faith traditions and those exploring personal spiritual development. This includes activities, programs, and classes related to the understanding and appreciation of a variety of cultures and beliefs, the examination of personal values, and the pursuit of justice and contribution to the common good.

To help enrich your college experience the Campus Chaplain can:

  • Provide leadership, support and direction for student organizations based in a number of different faith traditions and serve as advisor to groups focused more generally on the pursuit of spiritual development
  • Counsel individuals and groups on issues related to faith and spirituality. Supervise events related to religious traditions and spiritual life.
  • Plan and present programs with speakers, performers, and other activities designed to educate the campus about different religious and spiritual practices and celebrate a variety of traditions.
  • Work toward strengthening and maintaining the relationship between the College and the PC(USA) and other religious groups.
  • Organize and sponsor student trips to conferences, events, and volunteer mission work.

Opportunities for spiritual and personal development:

  • Spiritual Direction with the College Chaplain - The chaplain is available to listen, as well as for one-on-one or group counseling sessions for those students, faculty, and staff who wish to explore the questions of faith and spirituality, and how it shapes our lives.
  • Faculty/Staff Bible Study - Study meets every Thursday between 12 -1PM, at the Student Affairs Conference Room.  We wrestle with the Big Questions about what it means to live out our faith in light of what is going on in the world.
  • Interfaith Gatherings - Throughout the semester we will schedule different events to facilitate interfaith discussions with invited guests, which will include a rabbi, priest, minister, imam, as well as other religious leaders to promote peace and understanding among various religions.
  • Retreats - During the school year, there will be a number of on/off campus retreats offered for spiritual reflection, led by the Chaplaincy Office, and as part of the Wellness Team.
  • Mission Trips - Interested in serving others around the world?  The Chaplain’s office organizes mission trips to such places as Haiti and other  places opening up the opportunity to work in medical clinics, orphanages, and schools. Students will have opportunities to experience mission trips on local, national and international levels.
  • Writing for Spirituality Workshops - Who are you?  What do you think?  What is your passion?  How can you transform your challenges and struggles into personal/spiritual growth?  Writing is one of the most effective tools for self-reflection and discovery and the pursuit of truth.  Through writing, we can become more authentic.  If you are interested in this type of creative and direct engagement with the inner life, these workshops are for you. These workshops are for everyone who is willing to explore this inner landscape and journey through the written word.  A schedule of dates will be available every semester.

Opportunities to engage issues of faith in contemporary culture:

  • Annual MLK Lecture - The MLK Lecture examines Martin Luther King's philosophy, ideas etc. from an interfaith perspective. While it is known that MLK was a Christian minister it is not known that he was heavily influenced by the theology of different faiths.
  • Religion and Culture Series - Examining the role that culture plays in the formation of religion and how religion shapes cultural ideas, including but not limited music, literature, and all forms of art.
  • Sisters in the Spirit Seminar - Focusing on issues of women and religion examining issues surrounding womanist theory, women’s spiritual, physical and emotional well -being, and the relationships between feminist biblical interpretation and practical theology.

Contact The Chaplain's Campus Office:

Rev. Anita Wright

Director, Office of Spiritual Life

Student Center (Talbott Hall), 2nd floor

Phone: 973-748-9000 ext. 1393

Email: Anita_Wright@bloomfield.edu