New Student Orientation Parent RSVP Form

As your student begins to write their own story at Bloomfield College, parents and families are also embarking on a new chapter in their own stories.  Join members of the Bloomfield College Community to learn how to turn the page, what's in store for the next chapter of your students' life, and how to help them write a successful story as a student at Bloomfield College.  We invite you to join us for a special Parent Orientation session for parents/guardians of all new and transfer students. Session will take place on Thursday, August 22 from 4-5:30pm in Van Fossan Theater.  RSVP is required.
Bloomfield College also offers parents and guardians the opportunity to become a member of an engaging program known as FYPEP, First Year Parent Engagement Program.  To learn more about this program and to sign up, please visit the FYPEP page by CLICKING HERE.

To RSVP for Parent Orientation, please fill out the form below: