New Student Orientation

Bloomfield College Orientation Leaders help guide incoming students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Bloomfield College!  Are you ready to write your story?  Your first chapter begins at your New Student Orientation which is scheduled for August 23rd-25th, with check-in beginning at 8:30am.  All freshmen first-year students and transfer students are REQUIRED to attend New Student Orientation (both residents and commuters).

Your New Student Orientation "Your Success Story Begins,"  has been designed to help with your transition to college life at Bloomfield College.  You will have the opportunity to find out about the programs and services offered here at the College. You will also learn about our facilities, activities, policies and our community and have the opportunity to meet and connect with Bloomfield College students, faculty, and staff.  Please be sure to attend as we will be sharing important information that will be needed to get your semester started and to help you start to write your story at Bloomfield College.

A few key points:

Make sure you RSVP early! We have alot planned for you!

While we love our new students' families and friends, Orientation is designed for you, the incoming student to meet new people and explore the college before classes start. You're only here for Orientation once so make the best of this time! Make new friends, learn about your on campus college resources, and have fun! Parents have their own Parent Orientation on August 22nd at 4pm in the Van Fossan Theater.

If you have any questions regarding the New Student Orientation Program, please call the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement at 973-748-9000 ext. 1144 or email: Student_


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