Community Service

Bloomfield College encourages and recognizes student academic excellence within and beyond the classroom. Community service is central to the educational experience of our students. From the onset of enrollment to graduation, our students discover that their active participation in community service affords them with opportunities to utilize their education, skills and talents to make profound differences in the lives of others. The support and assistance they provide to various local, national and international organizations, agencies, churches and schools represent the compassionate hearts of our students.

Agencies and Organizations where Bloomfield College students have volunteered their time and/or donated funds or resources:

Abraham Clark High School Embrace Kids Foundation Kids Corner
AIDS Resource Foundation for Children Food Bank of NJ La Casa De Don Pedro
American Cancer Society Footsteps for Families Make a Wish Foundation
American Red Cross Gem Project Literacy Project Midnight Run, NYC
Barringer High School Glenridge Ambulance Squad Montclair Animal Shelter
Bloomfield Public Library Habitat for Humanity Neighbor to Neighbor Network
Canterbury Care and Rehabilitation Center Haines Home for Elderly New Jersey Peace Action
The Christian & Missionary Alliance Hyacinth AIDS Foundation Newark Bears Stadium
Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary School Irvington High School Newark Rescue Mission
Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen Jersey Cares Special Olympics, NY
Elizabeth Presbyterian Day Care Jersey City Medical Center Parkview Manor

To enhance our commitment to student service learning, Student Affairs and CSLE has a staff member serving as the  Coordinator of Service Learning and First Year Activities.  The College has also created a budget to financially support  transportation and other expenses associated with students’ expenses to engage in community service activities. Another commitment to our service learning initiatives is the Students Engaging in Real Volunteer Experiences (SERVE) Program.

Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in eight core competency areas which includes Community Orientation and Citizenship. This competency requirement represents an appreciation of communities and environments in all their diversity-local, national, and global and is connected to a sense of service, civic engagement, and social responsibility. The College is committed to its mission to prepare students to attain academic, personal and professional excellence in a multicultural and global society. 

Service Learning & Community Service 

Service Learning opportunities provided by the CSLE Office supports an environment for students to learn, develop, and grown through serving others locally, nationally and internationally. CSLE will foster and environment of service learning for students, student clubs and organizations and campus departments with the goal of engaging our students in activities that will foster interpersonal and professional development through service learning. 

  • The S.E.R.V.E. Program (Students Engaged in Real Volunteer Experiences) - provides students with various trips, events, and activities focused on community service.
  • Community Service Hours -  Students may record and track their community service hours through the CSLE Office and will be eligible for various awards for services performed.
  • Community Service Database - CSLE provides students with a database of community service based organizations and activities that students may become involved with.  CSLE will serve as a liaison between students and these organizations to foster greater relationships and involvement.