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Print Quota Policy


Bloomfield College has provided unrestricted printing for many years. The past few years have seen a steady increase in printing volume and cost. Several universities across the nation have successfully implemented print quotas to reduce waste and cut costs.


  • Only Faculty, Staff and currently enrolled students have printing privileges.
  • Students will be restricted to printing a total of 550 pages per semester (fall and spring) and 275 pages for summer enrollment.
  • Print quotas will roll over from the fall semester to spring for students who remain registered and enrolled in classes.
  • Cutoff dates for semesters are as follows: Fall-December 31st Spring-May 31st Summer-August 20th.
  • This policy will affect all lab printers and any printers on the student domain.
  • This quota system will be implemented with the start of the fall 2012 semester.
  • Currently all users abide by the same restrictions.
  • Refunds/credits will not be given, as the limit is set accordingly to a comfortable level per semester, judging by surveys taken from previous semesters.
  • Additional paper may be purchased through the Bursar's Office for the current semester. Refunds cannot be issued for unused paper at cutoff date.

Please be mindful of what you print to ensure the following does not occur:

  •     Printing to the wrong printer
  •     Not picking up print job from printer
  •     Printing the wrong document
  •     Printing with the wrong orientation (landscape vs. portrait)
  •     Multiple copies of the same document (when only one was desired)
  •     Failure to logoff and another student uses your account
  •     Print jobs delayed several minutes due to heavy user load
  •     Print jobs that are lost or thrown away

Bloomfield College strives to provide reliable and error-free printing services. We realize that some printing problems are unavoidable. Most printing problem reports we receive however are due to user error, therefore we are unable to grant refund. For assistance with printing issues, please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at: Helpdesk@Bloomfield.edu