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Lab Use Policy

Purpose: The Lab use Policy governs all rules and regulations that must be followed at all times in all labs on campus. It was made to uphold the highest standards in every lab and to maintain safety for all users. The Policy outlines the "Dos and Don'ts of everyday computer usage.


To view the full Lab Use Policy, please click Here: Lab Use Policy


Data Confidentiality Policy

Purpose: Bloomfield College regards security and confidentiality of data and information to be of major importance. Each individual granted access to electronic, verbal and/ or hard copy data must preserve the security and confidentiality of the information to which he or she is granted access. It is the policy of Bloomfield College that Confidential Information (defined below) may not be divulged, in any format, without approval by the President or a Vice President (or their designees). This includes Confidential Information processed on a typewriter, by hand, network server, micro or personal computer, electronic notebook or smartphone utilized in the College’s operations, email, and maintained in hard copy files or on electronic storage devices including but not limited to tape or disk devices. This policy will be strictly enforced. Non-compliance is a serious matter which may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.


To read the Data Confidentiality Policy in full, please click here: Data Confidentiality Policy


BC Pass Identity Verification Policy

Purpose: Bloomfield College has a responsibility to protect the identity of its students, faculty, and staff and must ensure the personal information is not shared unless appropriate identification is provided. As an institution, Bloomfield College is bound by Federal FERPA (Family Educational Rights Privacy Act) regulations that are intended to protect the privacy of students' education records and Federal HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations that are intended to protect the privacy of health records.


To read the BC Pass Identity Verification Policy in full, please click here: BC Pass Identity Verification Policy


Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Bloomfield College provides technology resources to the BC community, including students, faculty, administration, alumni, town residents and members of the Board of Trustees. These resources include, but are not limited to, the following: host computer systems, personal computers and workstations, computer accounts, communications networks, software, files, telephones, fax machines and video.

These resources are intended for Bloomfield College-related or educational purposes, including: direct and indirect support of Bloomfield College’s instruction, research and service missions; Bloomfield College administrative functions; student and campus life activities; and the free exchange of ideas within the Bloomfield College community and among the Bloomfield College community and the wider local, national, and world communities.

This policy applies to all users of Bloomfield College technology resources, whether affiliated with Bloomfield College or not and to all users of those resources, whether on campus or from remote locations.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure an Information Technology infrastructure that promotes the basic missions of Bloomfield in teaching, learning, research, and administration. To read the full Acceptable Use Policy, please click here: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

This policy may be modified as deemed necessary and appropriate by Bloomfield College. Users are encouraged to periodically review the Acceptable Use Policy.

Print Quota Policy

Purpose: Bloomfield College has provided unrestricted printing for many years. The past few years have seen a steady increase in printing volume and cost. Several universities across the nation have successfully implemented print quotas to reduce waste and cut costs. To view the full Print Quota Policy, please click here: Print Quota Policy

Updated: 05/15/2015




Acceptable Use Policy

Print Quota Policy

BCPass Identity Verification Policy

Data Confidentiality Policy