Program Highlights

What the American Language Center offers:

Experienced, accredited faculty

Our teachers have graduate degrees and years of experience teaching ESL around the globe.  They understand the difficulties of learning English and through effective teaching methods are able to motivate students to move to higher levels.
Our faculty is welcoming and goes beyond the classroom to assist students in their transition to school in the United States.  In each level, students learn about American culture and ways that also impact on their English language learning.

Great location to study:
• 20 minutes to New York City
• 1 hour from Philadelphia
• 4 hours to Washington, D.C.
• 3 hours to Boston
• 1 hour to ski resorts and beaches

Progressively challenging curriculum

Our curriculum is based on an integrated approach.  We offer level-appropriate grammar instruction, which is blended with listening/speaking, reading/writing, and pronunciation.  With six levels of instruction, students can actively meet their English learning challenges and advance rapidly in their comprehensive English skills.

Learning outside the classroom 

OPEN. We offer a warm and welcoming environment to all students.

TRANSFORMATIVE. We provide opportunities for growth through intense engagement with our accomplished staff and with other students.

INNOVATIVE. Our progressive teaching methods and new academic programs anticipate the demands our students will face in the real world.

RIGOROUS. We challenge our students with demanding courses of study to ensure they are well-prepared for their chosen careers.

PERSONALIZED. We tailor our academic and professional programs to each student’s needs and aspirations.

Program Highlights

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