About the Office of International Education


Corporate Training

The Office of International Education specializes in vendor-certified information online technology courses. Customized training programs are also tailored to specific business and technology needs. Our team of experts will assist corporations in analyzing needs and develop curriculum specifically aimed to address those needs. Delivery may be online, in the classroom or on the job site. All courses offer maximum flexibility, scalability and interactivity.

Professional Studies

The Office of International Education offers a wide array of online certificate programs for individuals preparing for new careers.  Each online course offers a challenging array of innovative options including online, blended, classroom and on-site instructional formats. Learn new skills or strengthen existing ones in an ever-evolving industry.

The American Language Center

ALC offers intensive English language programs for domestic and international students. ALC utilizes an integrated approach to language learning with fundamentals reinforced through creative and dynamic learning activities. Classes are small with personalized assistance emphasized. The ALC program includes grammar, reading and writing, listening and speaking and pronunciation. Our English as a Second Language program is designed to help the student advance through six levels successfully and effectively so they can begin to pursue new opportunities. 

International Training

Immerse yourself in American culture! Go on trips around New YorlK City, New Jersey, or even to Washington D.C.

Improve your English ability with intensive ESL courses designed to improve speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Gain a competitive edge by taking part in an optional workplace experience. Shadow local professionals and build working relationships.

Since 2001 our international training through our Global Alliance Center at the Office of International Education has worked with more than 8000 international students. Partnerships have been established with over 300 universities and colleges in 30 countries including China, Korea, Japan, Romania, Peru, Chile, Egypt and Mongolia. Global programs have included IT internships, ESL programs, hospital internships for international nursing students, teaching practicum for professional teachers, IT project management and English camps. GAC currently offers the following programs:

  • Total Immersion Course for Chinese and Korean English Teachers (TICKET)
  • Math and Science Training Program (MAST)
  • Global Initiative Programs (GIP) for Allied Health Professions and Nursing
  • Global Leadership Programs (GLP) for various majors

No matter what field students enter post-graduation, this valuable experience at Bloomfield College not only help to improve langauage skills, but provides the foundation for a global career in an increasingly multicultural society. The Office of International Education offers continual support for all students' academic and personal needs throughout the semester, including orientation, transportation, and advising. It is through a combination of intensive English courses, application of English-speaking skills in community engagement and optional workplace experience, that students are immersed within American life.

Workplace experience availability varies. Guaranteed placement is available for students and groups studying nursing or education. Please contact Dr. David Kang for more information on how to particpiate at: david_kang@bloomfield.edu.

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