20 Windows Shortcuts

20 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Not Know

Windows Shortcuts:

(Windows Key + T) - Will cycle through open taskbar programs. This is similar to hovering over the item with your mouse, you can restore the program with space or enter.
(Windows Key + Home Key) - Minimizes all programs except the current window.
(Windows Key + B) - Selects the system tray menu (little white arrow by the clock in the taskbar)
(Windows Key + Up/Down) - Maximizes and restores the current window.
(Alt + Esc) - Similar to Alt + Tab but switches the windows in the order they were opened in.
(Windows Key + Pause/Break) - Will open the system properties window.
(Ctrl + Esc) - Opens the start menu.
(Ctrl + Shift + Esc) - Opens the task manager without the need to first hit Ctrl + Alt + Del.
(Alt + Space) - Will open the window system menu which can be used to maximize (x), minimize (n), close (c) or move (m) the window, which can be especially helpful if your window is somehow off-screen. This shortcut can also be helpful with windows that don't close with the (Alt + F4) shortcut.
(Windows Key + 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) Will launch each program in your taskbar.
(Windows Key + Alt + 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) Will open the jump list for each program in the taskbar, use the arrow keys to select which jump list option you want to open.

Windows Explorer Shortcuts:

(Alt + Up) - Will navigate up one folder, since the up arrow on the menu bar was removed in windows 7.
(Shift + F10) - Opens the contextual or "right click" menu for a file/folder.
(Shift + Del) - Deletes a file without sending it to the recycle bin.
(Crtl + Shift + N) - Creates a new folder in your current directory.
(Alt + Enter) - Opens the file properties to view file size, sharing settings and creation date.
F2 - Renames a file or folder.
F3 - Will open explorer and select the search bar. If explorer is already open, it will highlight the search bar.
F6 - Cycles objects in the current window.
F10 - Toggles the file menu in explorer.

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