Faculty/Staff Directory

Bloomfield College Directory - A list of all employees at Bloomfield College with last name, first name, department, email Directory of employees at Bloomfield College
Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Ext Email Location
Raghubar Farzana HR Assistant Human Resources 1133 farzana_raghubar@bloomfield.edu Knox Hall
Ransdell Jacqueline EOF Counselor Educational Opportunity Fund 1210 jacquenline_ransdell@bloomfield.edu Voorhees Hall
Reilly David Director-Security Security 1415 dave_reilly@bloomfield.edu 225 Liberty Street
Richlan Lisa Admin.Assist. President's Office 1290 lisa_richlan@bloomfield.edu Seibert Hall
Rivera Raquel Collection Representative Business Office 1749 raquel_rivera@bloomfield.edu 1 Park Place
Rucando Alexander Dir.Advancement Services Institutional Advancement 1294 alexander_rucando@bloomfield.edu 68 Oakland Avenue
Ruff Mark Admission Counselor and Campus Visitation Enrollment Management/Admissions 1397 mark_ruff@bloomfield.edu 1 Park Place
Ruiz Lisa Clinical Placement Coordinator Nursing 1324 lisa_ruiz@bloomfield.edu 74 Oakland Avenue
Sharif Jerryl Director-CSLE Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1401 jerryl_sharif@bloomfield.edu Talbott Hall
Simon Edward Mail Room Representative Business Office 1264 edward_simon@bloomfield.edu Richards Hall
Simon Briar Collegiate Transition Specialist Enrollment Management/Admissions 1251 briar_simon@bloomfield.edu 1 Park Place
Simon Ericka EOF Counselor Educational Opportunity Fund 1345 ericka_simon@bloomfield.edu Voorhees Hall
Smith Erik Programmer/Analyst Enterprise Information Services 1382 erik_smith@bloomfield.edu Knox Hall
Sotomayor Proano Andrea Program Associate Academic Services/Services for Students with Disabilities 1650 andrea_sotomayor@bloomfield.edu Learning Resource Center
Svercauski Jacquelyn Associate Professor Nursing 1328 jacquelyn_svercauski@bloomfield.edu 74 Oakland Avenue
Terrell Jermaine EOF Counselor Educational Opportunity Fund 1344 jermaine_terrell@bloomfield.edu Voorhees Hall
Thomas Gina Program Coord. PBI PBI Grant Office 1682 gina_thomas@bloomfield.edu Jarvie Hall
Torreano Jason Interim Instructor - Media Communications Humanities 1280 jason_torreano@Bloomfield.edu Seibert Hall
Trapp Sandy Division Office Coordinator Business 1339 sandy_trapp@bloomfield.edu 53 Fremont Street
Trinidad Lauren College Nurse Health Services 1439 laurenjoy_trinidad@bloomfield.edu Talbott Hall

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