Faculty/Staff Directory

Bloomfield College Directory - A list of all employees at Bloomfield College with last name, first name, department, email Directory of employees at Bloomfield College
Last Name First Name Title Department Phone Ext Email Location
Koplik Elissa Professor Social and Behavioral Sciences 1646 elissa_koplik@bloomfield.edu 59 Fremont Street
Kovacs Brian Tech Support Specialist Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu 185 Liberty Street
Kowalchyk Claudia Associate Professor, Coordinator of Sociology (General/Criminal Justice) Social and Behavioral Sciences 1287 claudia_kowalchyk@bloomfield.edu 59 Fremont Street
Kreutzer Steven Coordinator of Computer Science, Division Chair, Professor Business 1342 steven_kreutzer@bloomfield.edu 53 Fremont Street
Kurzynowski Nicole Help Desk Coordinator Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu 185 Liberty Street
Lacz Sarah Vice President for Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement 1299 sarah_lacz@bloomfield.edu 68 Oakland Avenue
Latorre Paul Adjunct Lecturer, TRIO SSS Senior Academic Coach CSS/TRIO SSS-STAR Program, Humanities paul_latorre@Bloomfield.edu
Leak Marcus Resident Director, Schweitzer Area (Schweitzer Hall, 19 Austin, 21 Austin, 23 Austin, 25 Austin) Residental Education and Housing 1357 marcus_leak@bloomfield.edu Franklin Street Residence Hall
Lee GJ Associate Professor, Coordinator of Game Development Creative Arts and Technology 1402 gyong_lee@bloomfield.edu Center for Technology and Creativity
Leonor Elisa Admin Asst-Student Affairs Student Affairs 1245 Elisa_Leonor@bloomfield.edu Richards Hall
Little LeTishia Director-Pers.Counseling Personal Counseling 1302 LeTishia_Little@bloomfield.edu Talbott Hall
LittleJohn Quincina Director-Financial Aid Student Financial Services/Financial Aid 1211 quincina_littlejohn@bloomfield.edu Knox Hall
Lutte Rebecca Director of Academic Success Coaching Center for Student Success 1661 rebecca_lutte@bloomfield.edu Center for Student Success
Macaluso Maryanne Division Office Coordinator Humanities 1276 maryanne_macaluso@bloomfield.edu Seibert Hall
Mazzeo Joseph Adjunct Lecturer, Lab Technician Natural Science and Mathematics 1596 joseph_mazzeo@bloomfield.edu College Hall
McClendon Rajohn Security Guard Security 1366 rajohn_mcclendon@bloomfield.edu 225 Liberty Street
McCook Nora Assistant Professor, Coordinator for Writing Intensive Program Humanities 1326 nora_mccook@bloomfield.edu Seibert Hall
McCormack Cathy Assistant Professor Nursing 1562 Cathy_Mccormack@bloomfield.edu 74 Oakland Avenue
McDaniel Cindy Vice President for Finance and Administration Business Office 1441 cindy_mcdaniel@bloomfield.edu Knox Hall
McGee Sheryline Controller Business Office 1433 sheryline_mcgee@bloomfield.edu Knox Hall

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