Faculty/Staff Directory

Bloomfield College Directory - A list of all employees at Bloomfield College with last name, first name, department, email Directory of employees at Bloomfield College
Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Palagano Nicole Personal Counseling 1403 nicole_palagano@bloomfield.edu
Palladino Michael Academic Affairs 1101 michael_palladino@bloomfield.edu
Palmieri Lori Ann Nursing 1330 lori_palmieri@bloomfield.edu
Panaggio Vince Maintenance 1742 vince_panaggio@bloomfield.edu
Papp Eva Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Park Soyun International Training and Professional Studies 1406 soyun_park@bloomfield.edu
Parreno Carissa Health Services 1439 carissa_parreno@bloomfield.edu
Pasmantier Anita Business 1341 anita_pasmantier@bloomfield.edu
Patel Mayura Natural Science and Mathematics 1596 mayura_patel@bloomfield.edu
Penha-Lopes Vania Social and Behavioral Science 1540 vania_penha-lopes@bloomfield.edu
Pezzolla Karen Education 1521 karen_pezzolla@bloomfield.edu
Powley Ellen Business 1414 ellen_powley@bloomfield.edu
Puccio Paul Humanities 1404 paul_puccio@bloomfield.edu
Quinn Nicole Institutional Advancement 1297 nicole_quinn@bloomfield.edu
Radics Robert Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Raymond Annette Academic Services/Registrar 1271 annette_raymond@bloomfield.edu
Reid Greg Library 1337 greg_reid@bloomfield.edu
Richlan Lisa International Training and Professional Studies 1656 lisa_richlan@bloomfield.edu
Rivera Raquel Enrollment Management/Admissions 1749 raquel_rivera@bloomfield.edu
Rucando Alexander Institutional Advancement 1294 alexander_rucando@bloomfield.edu

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