Faculty/Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Kreutzer Steven Business 1342 steven_kreutzer@bloomfield.edu
Kurzynowski Nicole Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
Lamberti Diane Operator operator@bloomfield.edu
Lamy Patrick Student Affairs 1243 patrick_lamy@bloomfield.edu
Leak Marcus Residental Education and Housing 1357
Lee GJ Creative Arts and Technology 1402 gyong_lee@bloomfield.edu
LittleJohn Quincina Student Financial Services/Financial Aid 1211 quincina_littlejohn@bloomfield.edu
Lopez Jennifer Academic Services/Advising 1759 Jennifer_Lopez226@bloomfield.edu
LoRocco Brian Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1239 brian_lorocco@bloomfield.edu
Lozada-Batista Maria Academic Services/Services for Students with Disabilities 1650 maria_lozada-batista@bloomfield.edu
Luchka Karen Business 1413 karen_luchka@bloomfield.edu
Marshall Laszlo Information Technology 1224 helpdesk@bloomfield.edu
McCook Nora Humanities 1326 nora_mccook@bloomfield.edu
McDaniel Cindy Business Office 1441 cindy_mcdaniel@bloomfield.edu
McDonald Bill Business Office 1207 bill_mcdonald@bloomfield.edu
McGee Sheryline Business Office 1433 sheryline_mcgee@bloomfield.edu
McGrane Jack Facilities/Physical Plant 1424 jack_mcgrane@bloomfield.edu
McKenzie Thomas Ada Humanities 1697 ada_mckenziethomas@bloomfield.edu
McYeng Marissa Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1257 marissa_mcyeng@bloomfield.edu
Medeiros Scott Residental Education and Housing 1558 scott_medeiros@bloomfield.edu

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