Faculty/Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Cruse Christie Business 1377 christie_cruse-cohen@bloomfield.edu
Cruz Madeline Nursing 1323 madeline_cruz@bloomfield.edu
Curtis Debra Natural Science and Mathematics 1316 debra_curtis@bloomfield.edu
Dacey Susan Human Resources 1440 susan_dacey@bloomfield.edu
Davis Dimitria President's Office 1290 dimitria_davis@bloomfield.edu
Dawoud Sandy Residental Education and Housing 1269 sandy_dawoud@bloomfield.edu
DelBagno Julia Enrollment Management/Admissions 1396 julia_delbagno@bloomfield.edu
Delgado Phil Athletics 1756 phil_delgado@bloomfield.edu
Dennis K. Denise Social and Behavioral Science 1284 denise_dennis@bloomfield.edu
Di Liberto Maryann Business 1379 maryann_diliberto@bloomfield.edu
Dilkes Christina TRIO SSS-STAR Program 1147 christina_dilkes@bloomfield.edu
Dillard Esther Humanities 1278 esther_dillard@bloomfield.edu
Do Hun Gu Natural Science and Mathematics 1781 hungu_do@bloomfield.edu
Dobson Krista Personal Counseling 1302 krista_dobson@bloomfield.edu
Doyle Peter Facilities/Physical Plant 1486 peter_doyle@bloomfield.edu
Dunkel Alayna Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1270 alayna_dunkel@bloomfield.edu
Edens Gregory Natural Science and Mathematics 1779 gregory_edens@bloomfield.edu
Evans Marcheta President 1290 marcheta_evans@bloomfield.edu
Fasanella Karen Education 1106 karen_fasanella@bloomfield.edu
Fernandez Jorge Enrollment Management/Admissions 1222 jorge_fernandez@bloomfield.edu

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