Faculty/Staff Directory

Bloomfield College Directory - A list of all employees at Bloomfield College with last name, first name, department, email Directory of employees at Bloomfield College
Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Courter Kyle Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1268 kyle_courter@bloomfield.edu
Cruse Christie Business 1377 christie_cruse-cohen@bloomfield.edu
Cruz Madeline Nursing 1323 madeline_cruz@bloomfield.edu
Curtis Debra Natural Science and Mathematics 1316 debra_curtis@bloomfield.edu
Dacey Susan Human Resources 1440 susan_dacey@bloomfield.edu
Davis Dimitria President's Office 1290 dimitria_davis@bloomfield.edu
DelBagno Julia Enrollment Management/Admissions 1396 julia_delbagno@bloomfield.edu
Delgado Phil Athletics 1756 phil_delgado@bloomfield.edu
Dennis K. Denise Social and Behavioral Science 1284 denise_dennis@bloomfield.edu
Di Liberto Maryann Business 1379 maryann_diliberto@bloomfield.edu
Diaz-Mulryan Rosa Institutional Advancement 1780 rosa_mulryan@bloomfield.edu
Dilkes Christina TRIO SSS-STAR Program 1147 christina_dilkes@bloomfield.edu
Dillard Esther Humanities 1278 esther_dillard@bloomfield.edu
Do Hun Gu Natural Science and Mathematics 1781 hungu_do@bloomfield.edu
Dobson Krista Personal Counseling 1302 krista_dobson@bloomfield.edu
Doyle Peter Facilities/Physical Plant 1486 peter_doyle@bloomfield.edu
Dunkel Alayna Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1270 alayna_dunkel@bloomfield.edu
Edens Gregory Natural Science and Mathematics 1779 gregory_edens@bloomfield.edu
Evans Marcheta President 1290 marcheta_evans@bloomfield.edu
Evans Edgar Career Development 1266 edgar_evans@bloomfield.edu

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