Global Crime

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“Global Crime” examines the growth of transnational crime and criminal behavior carried out by cartels, mafias, corporations, institutions and governments.We will analyze the integration of the global criminal economy into the formal economies of nations throughout the world. Emphasizing critical thinking skills and introducing students to a diversity of perspectives and frameworks, this course is intended to expand our definitions and categories of criminal activities. In addition to international crimes such as money laundering, the trafficking of drugs and weapons, and terrorism, we will include crimes against humanity –genocide, “ethnic cleansing,” war, slavery, human trafficking (for labor, prostitution, organs and adoptions) –and against the environment –ecocide, oil spills, the dumping of toxic wastes, nuclear disasters and the trafficking of endangered species –which threaten the very existence of the planet. Readings, discussions, films and research projects will help us to make sense of the word in which we live and come to understand that global social justice is possible through both individual and collective action.


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