Immigration and Social Justice

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This course touches on the topic of immigration, the legal road blocks, social contexts, health and well-being challenges, human rights threats, and social justice concerns as they relate to the experiences of immigrants and refugees who resettle in the United States. The course is divided into 4 main sections: 1- the contexts and realities under which immigration occurs, 2- issues and challenges to the health and well-being of immigrants and refugees, 3- violence experienced by immigrants and refugees, and 4- resilience among immigrant and refugee communities. Throughout this course students will gain a general understanding of the complexities of the immigrant experience in contemporary society and become familiar with important empirical works that highlight the lifelong journeys taken upon by those who migrate searching for a better life.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Criminology and Social Justice

Academic Level

Also must take two 200 level courses from within the CSJ department.

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