Global Arts: Up-Close And In Person

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Each spring semester, this course will study in depth the classical art and the contemporary arts scene of a major international city, and then visit that city during spring break. A broad spectrum of arts will be covered, including whenever possible music, film, painting, literature, sculpture, architecture, photography, animation, theatre, and new media, as well as cuisine and traditional crafts. Artistic creativity will be examined in relationship to the history, politics and culture that shape it. Cities to study and visit will be selected from such art centers as Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Mexico City, Athens, London, Beijing, Kyoto, Marrakesh, and Rio de Janeiro. Each student will choose a specific topic to focus on and will conduct their own research on it during their visit to the city.


Creative Arts and Technology


Expanded Media

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Grade of “B” or better in a Humanities course and with consent of the Instructors.

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