Capstone Project I

Course Section Number


A final, major independent project undertaken by senior CAT majors under the supervision of departmental faculty. The intention is to create a work that will in some shape become part of the student’s portfolio, to be used to market themselves after graduation from the program. Projects take many forms, depending on the student’s talents and area of specialization: e.g., production of a videotape or audio tape; design and construction of a book; gallery exhibition of a significant number of works; performance of a solo show. The student must not only complete the project, but also publicize and market it in true entrepreneurial fashion. This course is required of departmental majors and all projects must be approved by a meeting of the departmental faculty. May be repeated for credit for total of 2 semesters.


Creative Arts and Technology


Expanded Media

Academic Level

Music majors must complete CAT 410; all other CAT majors must have permission from their Advisor.

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