Anthropology Courses

APG 111
Also Known As: LAC 111

(Also LAC 111) An analysis of the theory and universality of culture from the historical, functional and structural approaches. Emphasis on cross-cultural comparisons as a basis for understanding contemporary society.

Transcultural & Global Awareness
APG 210
Also Known As: LAC 210

(Also LAC 210) Cultural traditions of the Anglo and French Caribbean will be explored. Each cultural area will be examined in terms of its history of slavery and plantation life, race and ethnic relations,socio-economic and political change, and family and community organization.

Prerequisites: WRT 108 Enhanced Synthesis and Research Writing , WRT 109 Synthesis and Research Writing
With a final grade of C- or better.
APG 213
Also Known As: AFS 213

(Also AFS 213) An anthropological study of the cultures and social structures, ethos, and configurations of sub-Sahara Africa. The cultures of Black Africa are examined in order to provide an understanding of Black Africa and its contributions to the Americas.

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