French Courses

FRN 115
Also Known As: LAC 115

(Also LAC 115) Introductory course to French Language and Culture. Basic language skills for the student who has no previous knowledge of the language. Course will cover different language functions, basic vocabulary, simple grammatical structures, oral recitation and written composition. In addition to language studies, the course will compare French and French diasporic cultures in the Caribbean, Africa and elsewhere.

Communication Skills
FRN 125
Also Known As: LAC 125

(Also LAC 125) Further development of language skills to broaden awareness and increase appreciation of the culture.

Prerequisites: FRN 115 French Language and Culture I
Or two years of High School French or consent of the Instructor.
FRN 205

Fundamentals of French usage, oral and written. An introduction to French diction and phonetics. The student acquires fluency in the reading of selections from literary works and through training in correct pronunciation. Conducted in the French language.

Prerequisites: FRN 125 French Language and Culture II
Prerequisite(s): FRN 125 Or the equivalent
FRN 206

A continuation of FRN 205.

Prerequisites: FRN 205 Advanced Conversation, Composition, and Phonetics I
FRN 310

Principles of French grammar and expression as found in the spoken language and the more difficult literary works. Practical application through the writing of original essays and translations.

Prerequisites: FRN 206 Advanced Conversation, Composition, and Phonetics II
Or the equivalent.
FRN 311

A continuation of FRN 310.

Prerequisites: FRN 311 Advanced Grammar and Expression II

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