Physical Education Courses

PED 191

Basic skills and techniques of sports officiating with emphasis on both the theory and the practical aspects.

PED 192

Figure and Form I combines “keep fit” exercises through elements of calisthenics, dance and aerobics. Movement awareness is extended through class observations and live performances. Figure and Form II combines group leadership opportunities and personal evaluations in addition to movement awareness.

PED 193

Fundamentals of weight lifting, isometrics, and exercises. Individual progressive programs are available for interested students.

PED 194

Explanation, demonstration and participation in the basic skills. Emphasis given to grip, footwork, forehand, backhand and serve. Terminology and playing tactics of tennis. Offered during the second semester.

This course can be repeated for credit.
PED 196

The spectator viewpoint regarding football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. The courses emphasize greater understanding and appreciation for team sports as a nonparticipant.

PED 233

Learning about fitness and health and applying it to life. Topics will require classroomcentered activities, study of science/cultures/history and may include physical exercise. Examples: Yoga, Tai Chi, Nutrition and Fitness, Meditation, Intramural Sports, Self-Image: Strength, Beauty and Brains.

Please contact your instructor for specific topic.

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