Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

IDS 125

This course will develop students' self-awareness in terms of values, interests, and skills and provide information about occupations through studies of career areas. It also aims to help students connect self-awareness with information about the world of work and helps develop communication skills needed for interviewing and careers. Teaching methods will include lectures, class discussions, and videotaping.

IDS 155

This entry level, multidisciplinary course is recommended of all evening and weekend freshmen. It is designed to help adult learners make the transition to formal learning by strengthening skills and acquiring new knowledge. The course also aims to help students learn to balance personal, professional and academic schedules.

IDS 221

Methods applied in retrieving and evaluating print and electronic information. This course includes lecture, hands on experience, and individual and group projects involving library collections and on-line data bases.

Corequisites: WRT 105 Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 106 Accelerated Argumentative and Analytic Writing
IDS 250

Selected topics to be announced.

IDS 361

Seniors will have the opportunity to identify career possibilities as they are related to individual skills, interests, and aptitudes. Career and employment outlook will be investigated. Creative job search strategies, including effective resume writing and interview techniques, will be covered. Teaching methods will include lecture, discussion, independent study, role-playing, and videotaping.

Senior standing.

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