Game Programming Courses

CAT 238

Learn about the methodologies and tools that are used to program games. Topics include: Repositories/Revision Control, Paired/Extreme Programming, SCRUM/Agile Development, Rapid Prototyping, Multiple Processors/ Threads, Client/Server Basics, Debugging, and Remote Programming. You will also learn how to evaluate and choose the proper game engine for a project.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: CMP 126 Programming I , CAT 238 Introduction To Game Programming
CAT 327

What are the strengths and limitations of game engines? Further examine the tools used for game development to go beyond the fundamentals of programming.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: CAT 238 Introduction To Game Programming
CAT 328

This is the all-important element that breaths life into those seemingly thinking creatures found in today’s games. See how state machines, decision making, path finding, and both construction all play a role in making them believable.

1.00 c.u.

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