Expanded Media Courses

CAT 101

Come alive as a dancer, singer, actor or artist in a short course where you collaborate with others, try out a new art form, develop your talents, and learn a great deal about being creative and expressive. This is a rotating series of half-courses that fulfill the Aesthetic Appreciation requirement for General Education. May be repeated for credit.

Aesthetic Appreciation
CAT 105

This is a studio art course that focuses onmaking things from simple materials: papier-maché, wire, clay, wood, string, paper, cloth, cardboard and everyday objects that are often thrown away. It is the ultimate recycling, green course. So, you should bring in anything that you think can be used to make art.

CAT 106

Explore ways to bring “real”media into your computer and how to bring your computer-generated work to life in the studio. Use scanners, digital cameras, printers, paint, clay, and found objects to push your creative envelope.

CAT 113
Also Known As: AFS 113

(Also AFS 113) Hand, heart and spirit have been an intrinsic part of the process of creativity, survival and enthusiasm in the African-American community. This studio course will draw inspiration from the rich artistic traditions in the African-American visual arts. We will engage in creative processes such as improvisation, quilting, and collage –concepts and techniques used by Betye Saar, Faith Ringgold, and Romare Bearden. We will study narrative in the works of Ringgold, Jacob Lawrence and others. With this foundation, students will create their own personal narratives.

Transcultural & Global Awareness
CAT 115

Whether you are a scientist or a small business owner, a teacher or a journalist, you need to communicate with your target audience as effectively as possible. This course offers hands-on training in the latest new media tools including digital photography, DVD production, web design, blogging, internet radio, and podcasting.

Corequisites: WRT 102 Enhanced Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 105 Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 106 Accelerated Argumentative and Analytic Writing
CAT 116

This course explores the movement of both humans and inanimate objects through the study of Commedia Dell Arte, mime, acrobatics, stage combat and street theatre. This knowledge is used in the creation of animation and film pieces, with special attention to such advanced technologies as motion capture and green screen.

CAT major or consent of the Instructor.
CAT 117

This course is an introduction to the concepts and methodologies in the field of interactivity and interdisciplinary practice. Exploring the experimental and dynamic world of interaction: people with people, people and the digital world, and people with analog or “real” environments. Images, audio, cameras, sensors (Arduino), 3D printers, laser cutters and the software that connects them (Processing) are part of our toolkit.

CAT 118

Learn the basics of tap dancing. Steps and routines will be taught along with some history of this American art form. Film clips of legendary tap performers will be shown in class. No dance experience necessary, beginners are welcome. Tap shoes will be needed.

CAT 120

This course teaches basic drawing skills. Students will develop keener powers of observation by drawing still lifes, live models and nature. By analyzing the contours, surfaces, bone structures–by measuring the curves and angles of the objects and people they draw, students will gain an appreciation of the world around them.

CAT 121

This is a team-taught freshman foundation class, a platform for experimentation, collaboration and networking. After meeting as a large group, the class divides into rotating sections. Each professor creates a teaching environment to broaden students' background knowledge, connect them to a personal creative path and welcome them as members of the CAT community.

Students must receive a grade of C or better to continue as a CAT major.
CAT 124

A participatory class offering an introduction to beginning jazz, hip-hop and theater dance technique. The technique focuses on yoga breathing through movement as fundamentals of ballet, jazz and modern elements are combined in class to reflect dance styles ranging from the street to the Broadway stage. The art of dance develops self-confidence in a fun, supportive environment.

Aesthetic Appreciation
CAT 125

An intensive level class, building upon technique learned in Dance Jam I. It will include knowledge of the muscular skeletal system, student choreography and improvisation. At end of the semester, students will be required to complete a performance project for faculty and students.

Prerequisites: CAT 124 Dance Jam I
CAT 126

Study the history of photography and explore the aesthetic opportunities of digital cameras. Practice storytelling through the development of single and sequential images. Learn about the operational functions of a digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera, digital editing, digital retouching, color management and output, and lighting for studio shots.

CAT 189

Introduces students to basic choral participation which will enable them to: find their singing voice; match pitches in specific ranges and learn to follow a score of written music. The repertoire will include music from all periods from European classical to contemporary American popular styles.

Aesthetic Appreciation
CAT 190

This course offers a semester-long project in one particular form of movement theatre, ranging from ballet to modern dance to stage combat to mime to physical comedy. All projects involve full participation of mind, body, and spirit and culminate in a small public performance. This course may be repeated once for credit.

Aesthetic Appreciation
CAT 193

A hands-on practical introduction to basic techniques and concepts of acting. Theater games, movement exercises, and character improvisations serve as a foundation for later work on scripted scenes. Attendance, participation, and energy are essential, as most of the work and grade are based on what happens in the class.

Aesthetic Appreciation
CAT 194

The study of sculpture begins with an understanding of three-dimensional forms in space: how to imagine, draw, construct or shape them using a range of scale and materials. We will explore the concepts of volume, shape, form, time, and light, and sound in a series of group and individual creative design projects

CAT 195

Learn physical skills and performance skills in this participatory crash course in basic circus technique. Skills may include juggling, unicycling, wirewalking, tumbling, rolling globe, rola-bola, object balancing and partner acrobatics. This course ends with a public performance. No experience needed, just a sound body and rugged determination.

CAT 202

The history of the theater, as both a literary form and as a living, breathing art. Major styles of theater are surveyed and plays by such great writers as Shakespeare, Sophocles, Moliere, and Beckett are read, discussed, and viewed on film or in live performance.

Prerequisites: WRT 108 Enhanced Synthesis and Research Writing , WRT 109 Synthesis and Research Writing
CAT 203

Great works of art give clues to the meanings and values of a culture. We will explore and compare the obvious and the hidden meanings of the art and architecture of the world’s great cultures, from prehistoric time to the Gothic (12th century) period of European art. Special attention to the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, Africa, Mexico, and Peru.

Prerequisites: WRT 105 Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 106 Accelerated Argumentative and Analytic Writing
Transcultural & Global Awareness
CAT 206
Also Known As: CRW 206

(Also ENG 206) The focus is on writing a feature-length film and the basic elements of plot, protagonist, turning point, and resolution. You will be expected to complete a step outline of your story and the first act of your screenplay.

Prerequisites: WRT 105 Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 106 Accelerated Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 102 Enhanced Argumentative and Analytic Writing
Writing Intensive
CAT 207

To appreciate art, it helps to know it firsthand by making art yourself: some sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing, and new experimental forms. It also helps to hear what artists have to say about their work, to know some art history, and to leave a course knowing whose work you enjoy and why. This course provides you with this kind of first-hand experience.

Prerequisites: WRT 102 Enhanced Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 105 Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 106 Accelerated Argumentative and Analytic Writing
Aesthetic Appreciation
CAT 211

Paris as the bustling artistic and cultural nexus and the birthplace of Modernism. A study of the art and culture of France from 1870 to 1945, with focus on artists who changed our way of seeing: Manet, Degas, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Morisot, Cassatt, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Rodin, Claudel, Vuillard, Bonnard, Braque, Matisse, and Picasso.

Prerequisites: WRT 108 Enhanced Synthesis and Research Writing , WRT 109 Synthesis and Research Writing
Aesthetic Appreciation
CAT 214

Important works of Latin American painting and sculpture from 1900-1950, emphasizing stylistic analysis and the relationship of the art to its socio-cultural context.  

Prerequisites: WRT 108 Enhanced Synthesis and Research Writing , WRT 109 Synthesis and Research Writing
Aesthetic Appreciation
CAT 216
Also Known As: AFS 216

(Also AFS 216) Emma Amos, Betty Saar, Sam Gilliam, Jacob Lawrence. Do you recognize the names of these artists? Study the achievements of artists of color. How have they integrated their cultural identity with their self-expression? Where and when have African, European, Latino and Caribbean influences affected their art? How have African-American artists established strong, creative communities? Visits to museums, galleries, and cultural centers in New Jersey and New York.

Prerequisites: WRT 108 Enhanced Synthesis and Research Writing , WRT 109 Synthesis and Research Writing
Transcultural & Global Awareness, Writing Intensive

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