Animation Courses

CAT 134

This hands-on studio course will emphasize the importance of drawing skills specifically used in the animation and cartooning industry. Basic construction, line of action, exaggerated perspective, force, rhythm, gravity, design, volume and physics will all be addressed along with the 12 principles of animation.

CAT 228

This course will explore the basics of motion animation using clay, puppets and many other 3D objects. Students will learn how to pitch an idea, develop a concept and work up a production schedule for exercises using cutouts, collage and clay, in 3D stop-motion techniques with digital cameras.

CAT 230

This class will explore the history and development of animation throughout the 20th century. Major social and technological movements and the effects they had on animators working at the time will be analyzed and discussed. This work will be examined to see how animation has developed as an art form. The class will read related texts and view historic and contemporary animation work.

Prerequisites: WRT 108 Enhanced Synthesis and Research Writing , WRT 109 Synthesis and Research Writing
Aesthetic Appreciation, Writing Intensive
CAT 241

The basic concepts and techniques of storyboard and layout including visualization and scriptwriting are important to the pre-production process of animation and are emphasized in this course. The student will learn continuity and basic story structure in a storyboard form, from rough sketches to a finished presentation.

Prerequisites: CAT 134 Drawing for 2D Animation
Corequisites: CAT 361 3D Modeling
CAT 336

Designing Environments for Story will focus on developing core skills used for layout and background design for animation production, drawing from life, perspective, composition, staging, understanding scripts, translating storyboards to layout, color theory, mood, camera movements, lenses, traditional and digital painting.

Prerequisites: CAT 134 Drawing for 2D Animation
CAT 361

Students will learn to construct CG 3D models by breaking down complex shapes into simpler components that can be modified, transformed and animated using the industry standard software in 3D computer generated model building and animation.

CAT 364

This course is a practical approach to learning Motion Capture and the fundamentals of MotionBuilder. Students will learn how to work with the motion capture data on a professional level with an emphasis on navigating the interface, importing and applying motion capture data to a virtual actor and virtual character. Concepts of character retargeting, filters, f-curves, plotting 3D data, constraints, cameras, rendering, lights, materials, and shades will also be addressed.

Prerequisites: CAT 361 3D Modeling
Or permission of the Animation Coordinator.
Technological & Digital Literacy
CAT 366

Students explore the fundamentals of time-based motion for animation, video and game using a combination of motion design, image compositing and Adobe After Effects. Emphasis will be on design, composition, conceptualization and ability to communicate ideas. Students also apply basic principles of storytelling to create shor sequences and narrative works.

Prerequisites: CAT 257 Video I , CAT 264 Computer Imaging
CAT 372

(Formerly CAT 334 Character Animation II) This course continues with the latest industry standard software exploring more advanced 3D modeling construction along with a strong emphasis on the theories and principles of motion for animation.

Prerequisites: CAT 361 3D Modeling
CAT 403

This is an advanced animation pre-production class, designed to prepare students to conceptualize and write the proposal for their senior Capstone project. Before students can advance to CAT 420 Capstone, an approved proposal, including the treatment, a script/screenplay, storyboard and production schedule must be completed.

Prerequisites: CAT 228 3D Stop-Motion Animation , CAT 241 Pre-Production And 2D Animation , CAT 372 3D Animation
CAT 406

The function of getting your work ready to be seen at festivals by enthusiasts and/or industry professionals, with the intention of getting your "foot in the door", is the basis of this course. We will address the most important factors for introducing yourself to the industry by preparing a diverse, high quality demo reel, featuring quality animation that shows you have a strong and clear understanding of animation principles. Whether your path is 2D, 3D or a more experimental Stop Motion, in a large commercial studio, an independent animator, or within the festival circuit, this course will investigate the current resources, and prepare you to take the best steps for that direction.

CAT 407

The study of drawing the human anatomy, especially with concerns in articulating expressive gesture poses for motion, requires much practice. This course will elevate a students’ understanding of complex mechanics in the human figure, while continuing to emphasize the importance of sound construction in drawing. It is designed for experienced students, who are interested in additional attention on capturing the observed effects of light and movement on the human form.

CAT 471

This course is a continuation of CAT 372 3D Animation, with further explanation and detailed understanding of the advanced functioning within industry standard 3D software. The emphasis will be on constructing intricate 3D models and complex animated scenes. The student will be required to produce, from start to finish, an original collaborated short animation utilizing technical and experimental effects learned throughout the semester.

Prerequisites: CAT 372 3D Animation

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