Expanded Media

Expanded Media

    When you study expanded media, you’ll bring photos, videos and other media together to create engaging art that can be displayed in venues from the web to the big screen. You’ll have skills in creative writing and computer imaging, and everything in between. You’ll be well-rounded and ready for a great creative career.

    Please review the recommended sequence of courses.

    • Bloomfield College alumni have gone on to win filmmaking awards, such as Alan Broussard '17 in the Pocono Mountain Film Festival.
    • Expanded media explores the relationship between time, space, the body, the viewer and society at large.
    • The college's 360-Degree Virtual Tour was created by an alumnus who owns his own business. He was helped by two Bloomfield College students.
    • The program includes narrative and non-narrative filmmaking; experimental, documentary and interactive video; art installation; public and conceptual art; and web-based art.

    When you study expanded media, you’ll bring photos, videos and other media together to create engaging art that can be displayed in venues from the web to the big screen. You’ll have skills in creative writing and computer imaging, and everything in between. You’ll be well-rounded and ready for a great creative career.

    Please review the recommended sequence of courses.

    You could be …

    A movie/TV director: Median pay $70,950 per year. Directors create motion pictures or TV shows by interpreting a writer’s script to entertain or inform an audience.

    A sculptor: Median pay $48,120 per year. Sculptors create three-dimensional objects through a variety of techniques, including carving, shaping clay, whittling or chiseling. They often work for themselves but also can accept projects for individuals, organizations or governments.

    An art director: Median pay $89,820 per year. Art directors create the overall design of a project and direct others who develop artwork and layouts.

    A photographer: Median pay $34,070 per year. Photographers use their technical expertise, creativity and composition skills to produce and preserve images that tell a story or record an event.

    A visual merchandiser: Median pay $65,000 per year. Visual merchandisers use their design skills to help promote the image of products and services for businesses through mediums like window and in-store displays.

    Expanded Media


    Creative Arts and Technology

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    Many courses have prerequisites which are listed in the course description. Please be sure that necessary prerequisites have been taken before enrolling in any course.

    Only one of the following can count towards the Expanded Media Core: CAT 228, CAT 247, CAT 368. The other two may count towards Expanded Media Core Choices

    Expanded Media Recommended Series of Courses




    ***TAKE 4 COURSE UNITS FROM CAT 116, CAT 228, CAT 247, CAT 261, CAT 264, CAT 270, CAT 286, CAT 368


    yuichiro nishizawa
    yuichiro nishizawa
    Coordinator of Interactive Multimedia, Division Chair, Interim Coordinator of Expanded Media, Interim Coordinator of Graphic Design, Professor
    Year Joined: 2006
    • M.F.A.
      School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    • B.F.A.
      Rhode Island School of Design
    Phone: 973-748-9000 ext. 1555
    Office: Center for Technology and Creativity, Room 102

    yuichiro nishizawa

    yuichiro nishizawa is an associate professor and the chair of the Division of Creative Arts & Technology.

    Professor nishizawa attended Rhode Island School of Design (BFA in Film/Animation/Video) and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate and MFA in Art and Technology). He has completed a Certificate in Design Leadership for Business at Parson School of Design - The New School, and a Certificate in Effective College Instruction: Promoting Active Learning Online, and a Certificate in Effective Instruction from ACUE (Association of College and University Educators).

    Working with the diverse population of students and like-minded peers at Bloomfield College fuels nishizawa. He regards his position as a privilege. He is “committed to the practice of knowledge as trans-disciplinary, teaching/learning as non-hierarchical, experiential and collaborative, and education as critical reflection, liberation, and social action.”

    He has enjoyed teaching regularly the following classes:

    • Design Thinking & Practice
    • Interaction & Interface: Introduction to Physical Computing
    • Process && Interaction: An Introduction
    • Japanese Culture & Language
    • CAT Foundation Studio

    nishizawa, born in Tokyo, is interested in the complexity of the technological influences on and beyond everyday experience. He employs a wide array of media and methods in his work and inquiry. His hope is to provide an experience that brings the viewer to questions, furthers their own spirit of inquiry, engages their curiosity, and prompts them to imagine. His innate interest in function and form, conjoined with his investigation, has also led him to pursue furniture design and fabrication.

    Subject(s): Expanded Media, Graphic Design, Interactive Multimedia & Worldwide Web
    Academic Committee(s): Tenure & Advancement
    Kali Baker-Johnson headshot
    Kali Baker-Johnson
    Adjunct Lecturer
    Year Joined: 2021
    • M.F.A., Chapman University, B.F.A., Temple University
    Phone: 973-748-9000 ext.

    Kali Baker-Johnson is a Brooklyn-based, New Jersey-born filmmaker, college professor, and comic book writer. His feature film debut, Feel Like Ghosts, won the Best Director and Best Screenplay awards at the 2022 American Black Film Festival. He was a Directing Fellow at Chapman University’s graduate film program in Orange, CA and during his time on the West Coast he collaborated with Oscar-winning producer Cathy Schulman as one of Chapman’s O.L. Halsell Scholars, worked in development for Oscar-nominated producing duo Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger, and shadowed Emmy-winning director Millicent Shelton.

    His short films have screened internationally in film festivals, as well as in programs for domestic abuse education, in centers for at-risk youth, and in New York's Time Square. As a freelance videographer and editor, Kali has over 15 years of experience creating media across multiple genres and formats and has worked with brands such as NBC, VH1, Foot Locker, EbonyJet, and Avalon Television. He used to be able to dunk and, every once in a while, he still has a good day on the basketball court.


    Subject(s): Expanded Media
    Bloomfield College Seal
    Chrystofer Davis
    Adjunct Lecturer
    Year Joined: 2022
    Phone: 973-748-9000 ext.
    Bio Coming Soon
    Subject(s): Expanded Media
    Michael Lantz headshot
    Michael Lantz
    Adjunct Lecturer
    Year Joined: 2015
    • B.A.,
      University of California
    • M.F.A.,
      Rutgers University
    Phone: 973-748-9000 ext.
    Office: Center for Technology and Creativity

    Michael Lantz specializes in moving image production and media studies. He has been an Adjunct Instructor in the Creative Arts & Technology Department at Bloomfield College since 2015. As Malotek Productions, he has provided creative media services and post-production expertise to a diverse and impressive list of artists such as Shirin Neshat, Candice Breitz, Kimsooja and The Canary Project. Most recently, he has helped create single and multi-channel video works for Shimon Attie - “StarStruck”, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky - “How to Build a Wall and Other Ruins” and Erik Levine - “Float”.

    Subject(s): Expanded Media
    • Demonstrate literacy in their creative discipline, including current technologies, analog techniques, concepts and practices, as well as the historical and cultural contexts.
    • Examine and assess work based on critique, and receive, with openness, critiques of their own work.
    • Organize and contribute to an interdisciplinary team.
    • Assemble a portfolio that demonstrates technical and intellectual competence in their creative discipline and the ability to develop a work from initial design to completion.
    • Exhibit professional skills and protocols required of creatives and entrepreneurs, in the field and in a rapidly changing professional environment.

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