Welcome Message

Dear Parent(s):

Welcome to your new College Community! 

Congratulations to you and your new college student on the acceptance to Bloomfield College. We are excited and happy that you have selected and entrusted us with the great honor and responsibility to educate your student. Our goal is to make you proud of this decision and we look forward to our ongoing partnership in the years ahead. 

We are sharing some exciting news about a program created for BC parents/guardians called the First-Year Parent Engagement Program (FYPEP). We believe that engaging you directly in all aspects of the BC campus will contribute to you and your student’s success during the first college year and beyond. 

The FYPEP is a new initiative to enhance relationships between parents/guardians of first-year students and the College. The program provides support services and resources to help parents adjust to their new college student’s transition from high school to college. The first year of college can be challenging for both students and parents in terms of indecision, insecurities, disappointments, and mistakes. It’s also an exciting time full of discovery, inspiration, positive interactions, interesting people, and experiences. Through the FYPEP, Bloomfield College will provide a wide range of services to facilitate parents’ adjustment to their new student’s environment. We believe that parents/guardians/family members are extensions of their student and should have an appropriate first-year experience as well in the adjustment to the BC Community. The FYPEP is intended to:  1) help families become familiar with the resources and services at the College; 2) provide parents with ongoing educational resources and information to effectively support their student during the first year; and 3) provide opportunities for parents to engage in social, educational and cultural activities with other parents on and off the campus.

We do understand the scarcity of time and we plan to exercise great flexibility in the scheduling of events for parents/guardians. We anticipate about 3 major events during the first college year. If you are interested in participating in the FYPEP, visit the Bloomfield College website and click on the link http://bloomfield.edu/studentlife/fypep/sign-up  to register for your free membership to begin receiving these benefits for you and your new college student. Membership includes parent social outings; invitation to Deacon Fest on the BC campus; membership in Parent Facebook and Twitter Networks; an opportunity to network personally with other parents; access to campus newsletters; and discount tickets to shows, athletic events, plays, and concerts in the College’s Westminster Arts Center. Most importantly, membership offers the direct opportunity to participate in the experiences of your first-year student during the first college year. 

Again, congratulations on the acceptance and selection of Bloomfield College. We look forward to meeting you in the fall.  For additional information about FYPEP, visit the Bloomfield College website and click on the following link at http://bloomfield.edu/student-life/fypep .

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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