TRUE Program

The TRUE/PULSE program is a programming model designed to bring elements of the classroom into the residence halls. Resident Advisors, in conjunction with staff at the College, will arrange a variety of interesting co-curricular programs based on an academic programming model used by Bloomfield College.

Events planned under the TRUE/PULSE Program umbrella fall into the following categories:

  1. Aesthetic Appreciation Skills – The capacity to understand and appreciate the many forms of artistic expression in performing, literacy and visual arts in diverse cultures and civilizations.
  2. Communication Skills – The ability to express ideas and arguments effectively in oral and written forms, and to read and comprehend ideas and arguments from diverse perspectives.
  3. Community Orientation & Citizenship Skills – An appreciation of the diversity of one’s community and environment, connected to a sense of service and social responsibility.
  4. Information Literacy - An Awareness of the practical skills involved in the effective use of information technology and print electronic information resources, as well as critical reflection on the nature of information itself, its technical infrastructure, and its social and philosophical context and impact.
  5. Multiracial & Multicultural Awareness Skills – An awareness of the variety of races, cultures, and values in society, with an eye toward understanding and respect, and developing a global historical perspective. A knowledge of and respect for diverse religious and spiritual traditions and philosophies.
  6. Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills - The ability to examine, analyze and interpret information, to question assumptions, to use inductive and deductive reasoning, and to use informal logic to develop arguments. The ability to apply logic and reasoning to understand relationships, develop values, draw verifiable conclusions, and develop a viable solution to an identifiable problem.
  7. Professional Skills - The development of professionalism, including interpersonal skills and the ability to work with others; time and activity management; self-discipline, quality orientation; leadership skills; mediation and negotiations, and understanding diversity in the workplace; the ability to market one’s skills and develop workplace etiquette; and, professional ethics.
  8. Scientific & Technological Skills - The awareness of advances in science and technology and the ethical and social understanding of the implications of these advances. Understanding quantitative analysis, scientific methodology and concepts; the development of research skills; and, the awareness of the general functions and capabilities of computers.

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