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We need The Company because students need a productive release in a safe space other than the classroom that allows us to express ourselves creatively and freely.


— Christina Gales Brooks (Founding Member and CAT Student)


The Company is a great collaboration between the Humanities and CAT division, for professors and students. I've met people I never would have met before. It's really worked out!


— Khari Scott (Founding member and CAT student)


Playing "Octavius" in In The Room, Waiting was one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles I've ever done. I think because the crew Freddie Harris, Johan, and the director, Thaddeus McCants, challenged me as an actress to use my freedom of thought while still pushing me to do more and explore even if I felt uncomfortable or made a mistake. "The Company" was a place where I was excited to get off of work to go to school and rehearse. Being in a space full of love and guidance made me felt like I was at home. I felt that my voice mattered and it was heard.


— A'layeah Thompson (Alumni, Class of 2018)


There's nothing better in college than a great theater program. Performing gives you an opportunity to express yourself and be heard. Playing a role allows you step into another person's life and their world, which opens eyes and expands minds. It also gives you a chance to interact with your peers and form lifelong bonds.


— McKenna Long (Naja Long's Mom and Cherished Company Supporter)


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