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About The Company


The Company at Bloomfield College is the first resident theater company in the history of Bloomfield College. Founded by Bloomfield students and Dr. Freddie Harris in the spring of 2015, The Company is dedicated to producing new works by emerging and/or underrepresented playwrights, and other performance artists.

In collaboration with guest artists who are professionals in the world of theater, The Company strives to create a performance outlet for Bloomfield College students, where they can evolve artistically to address and celebrate The College’s diverse setting and to work collaboratively with each other to expand and enrich their aesthetic and cultural horizons. We endeavor to evoke meaningful conversations in ways that engage with issues of social justice that affect and shape the Bloomfield College community.

Company Artists

Edd Brown, Marquez Price, Natalie Casburi, Jessi Melendez, Samantha Rios, Johan Leal Pena, Erick Berrocal, Justin Roberts, Yasmeen Mitchell, Christina Gales Brooks, Earvin Casciano, Destiny Alicea, Kamiylah Bynum-Rogers, Khari Scott, T'shaka Thorpe, Deanner Campbell, Joseph Ladouceu, Shannon Rios, Naja Long, Joseph Darby, A'layeah Thompson, Daury St Fleur, Jabrien Gadson, and Justin Gantt.


Production Team

Freddie Harris

Producing Artistic Director

Yuichiro Nishizawa

Executive Producer

Tori Gandy

Executive Producer

Thaddeus McCants

Resident Playwright


Outstanding Contributions to The Company@ BC



Congratulations to Naja Long (class of 2020) and Joe Darby (class of 2020) for scoring the first annual award "For Outstanding Contributions to The Company@ BC."

Both Naja and Joe are dedicated members of The Company, having performed in every event since 2018. The talent and joy they bring to The Company stage is unmatched. Join us in wishing them the very best in the next phase of their journey.


The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation.

— Stella Adler

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