Honors Society Campus Chapters

Bloomfield College has chapters of six national and international honor societies. Each year eligible students receive membership invitations from the faculty advisor. New members are installed at an annual induction ceremony. Each organization offers scholarships and awards on a competitive basis. Graduating seniors receive honor cords for each society of which they are a member at the Baccalaureate ceremony to wear at commencement.

Honor societies that admit graduate students are noted below.

Alpha Chi—national college honor society for juniors and seniors in all majors
  • Society founded in 1922
  • Bloomfield College Beta Chapter established 1982
  • Faculty Advisor: Prof. Tom Toynton, thomas_toynton@bloomfield.edu
  • Colors: Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue, symbolizing Victory and Truth
  • Motto: You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free
  • Admission criteria: GPA in the top 10% of all juniors and seniors
  • Awards $166,000 annually in grants, scholarships, and travel funds
  • Membership fee: lifetime
  • https://alphachihonor.org/
Chi Alpha Sigma—national honor society for scholar athletes
  • Society founded 1996
  • Bloomfield College Pi Chapter established 2013
  • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Debra Curtis, debra_curtis@bloomfield.edu
  • Colors:  Black and Gold
  • Motto:  To encourage and reward high academic scholarship of college athletes at four-year accredited colleges and universities; to recognize outstanding academic achievement by intercollegiate varsity letter winners; to encourage good citizenship, moral character and friendship among the high academic achievers in college athletics; to recognize and honor the individual athlete, his/her team, sport, athletic department, and college or university; to mentor and to provide leadership to other athletes
  • Admission criteria:  GPA of 3.4 or higher throughout the junior and senior years; junior standing; varsity letter in sport and endorsement from head coach; good moral character
  • Membership fee:  lifetime
  • http://www.chialphasigma.com/

Delta Mu Delta – international honor society for Business (juniors and seniors)

  • Society founded 1913
  • Bloomfield College Zeta Sigma Chapter established 1994
  • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Christie Cruse, christie_cruse-cohen@bloomfield.edu
  • Colors:  Purple, Gold, and White
  • Mission:  to recognize and encourage academic excellence of students at qualifying colleges and universities, to create a DMD community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through life-time membership
  • Undergraduate admission criteria:  GPA 3.3 or higher (top 20% of class), junior or senior standing
  • Graduate admission criteria:  GPA 3.6 or higher
  • Awards:  Delta Mu Delta awarded over $72,500 in scholarships in 2017
  • Membership fee:  lifetime
  • https://deltamudelta.org/

Kappa Delta Pi—international honor society for Education

  • Society founded 1911
  • Bloomfield College Alpha Beta Eta Chapter established 2003
  • Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Karen Fasanella, karen_fasanella@bloomfield.edu
  • Colors:  Purple and Green
  • Mission:  To advance quality education by inspiring teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges
  • Undergraduate admission criteria:  24 credits (6 cus) (including 6 credits/1.5 cus in education courses) with GPA 3.0 or higher or top 20% of school
  • Graduate admission criteria:  6 credits (1.5 cus) of graduate coursework and 6 credits (1.5 cus) in education with GPA of 3.25 or higher or the upper 18.75% of the school
  • Membership fee:  annual or lifetime
  • http://www.kdp.org/

Psi Chi—international honor society for Psychology

  • Society founded 1929 and became an international society 2009
  • Bloomfield College Chapter #585 established 1984
  • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Zachary Aidala, zachary_aidala@bloomfield.edu
  • Colors:  Dark Blue and Platinum
  • Mission:  To recognize and promote excellence in the science and application of Psychology
  • Admission criteria:  Three or more PSY courses, major or minor in PSY, GPA in top 35% of class (minimum of 3.3 GPA) and GPA of 3.3 or higher in PSY courses
  • Awards over $400,000 a year in grants and scholarships
  • Membership fee:  lifetime
  • https://www.psichi.org/

Sigma Theta Tau—international honor society for Nursing

  • Society founded in 1922
  • Bloomfield College partnership with the William Paterson University Iota Alpha Chapter established 2012
  • Faculty Advisor:  Ms. Lorraine Flood, lorraine_flood@bloomfield.edu
  • Colors:  Orchid and White
  • Mission:  To advance world health and celebrate nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.
  • Admission criteria:  Completion of 50% of the nursing curriculum, GPA of 3.0 or higher and in the upper 35% of the class, academic integrity
  • Awards annual scholarships in amounts ranging from $250 - $3,500 on a competitive basis
  • Membership fee:  annual
  • https://www.sigmanursing.org/