Information for Vendors


We believe that an open, competitive atmosphere is beneficial to both buyer and seller, and it is our policy to foster this environment. We buy on the basis of definitive specifications, quality of product and service, competitive price and delivery.


For security & auditing purposes, in order for us to enter or update any payee information in our systems, we require the payees current W-9 Form as well as a completed Online Vendor Registration Form. Note: The link to the Online Vendor Registration Form would be provided to you by the Bloomfield College member seeking to do business with you. Business must not be conducted unless you are an existing vendor in our system or have successfully submitted these forms. Click for a blank copy of the W-9 Form.


Bloomfield College purchases via a formal procurement process. All merchandise shipped and any services performed must have an authorized Purchase Order prior to shipping merchandise or performing services.

Purchase Order numbers must appear on all shipping documents and invoices. The Purchase Order document signifies tax exempt status and that the products and/or services ordered are valid purchases being made on behalf of the College. Vendors providing products or services without the benefit of a Purchase Order may not receive payment from Bloomfield College.

Bloomfield College has partnered with ESM Solutions for issuance of Purchase Orders.

Email addresses are required for submission of Purchase Orders. If you have not already verified your Purchase Order email address you may receive an email asking for verification. Please be sure to verify your email address since we are now fully automated. Failure to do so may result in removal from our vendor list.

All information on the Purchase Order is important. Should you have any disagreement with this information, please email If no contact is made, the terms on the purchase order become controlling. Therefore, the invoice will be adjusted and paid accordingly. Click for our full Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 


College policy strictly prohibits the receipt of any gifts, gratuities, premiums or other incentives by all employees under any circumstances. We prefer that incentives be expressed in acceptable business terms, e.g., quality, service and price.


It is important that all products or services be delivered according to the delivery date agreed upon at the time the order was placed and to the location indicated.


Invoices are paid Net 30 days unless otherwise negotiated via contract. No statements can be paid without a supporting invoice which must indicate the Purchase Order number. Please mail invoices as directed on the Purchase Order. If possible, attention the invoices to the name of the Requestor of the Purchase Order.

Important: Bloomfield College process payments through a company called Paymerang which may need to contact you on our behalf to setup your method of payment.


The College reserves the right to return merchandise which does not meet specifications as indicated on our Purchase Order. Such goods will be returned at the supplier's expense.


All companies interested in conducting business with Bloomfield College must document compliance with the requirements contained in the governing contract, Request for Proposal, or the applicable minimal insurance requirements of the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (link located above). Depending on circumstance, Bloomfield College may require a copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance reflecting Bloomfield College as a Certificate Holder.

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