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Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Harris Gladstone Athletics 1788
Hawkins Eileen Enrollment Management 1437
Helena-Oquendo Daniel Equal Opportunity Fund 1345
Hinson Ramona PBI Grant Office 1124
Holmes Gerald Athletics 1374
Hoosain-Ally Faneza Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1322
Houston Josiah Educational Opportunity Fund 1344
Houston Kenya Student Financial Services/Student Accounts Receivable 1228
Huynh John Creative Arts and Technology 1712
Hwang Alice (Iseul) International Training and Professional Studies 1168
Isacson Barbara Media Center 1370
Jackson-Blue Elaine Payroll 1203
Jariwala Jenish Information Technology 1224
Jeong Peter International Training and Professional Studies 1777
Jones Kristina Educational Opportunity Fund 1346
Kang Seong-Yoon (David) International Training and Professional Studies 1729
Kiflemariam Zerom Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1651
Kirkpatrick Taylor Enrollment Management/Admissions 1251
Kison Carissa Health Services 1439
Kovacs Brian Information Technology 1224
Kurzynowski Nicole Information Technology 1224
Lamberti Diane Operator 0
LaMedica Lou Media Center 1452
Lamy Patrick Student Affairs 1243
LeDuc Chelsea Enrollment Management/Admissions 1248
Levao Richard President 1290
Lipinski Donna Business 1339
LittleJohn Quincina Student Financial Services/Financial Aid 1211
LoRocco Brian Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1239
Louis Gabrielle Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1300
Last Name First Name Division Phone Ext Email
Toynton Thomas Creative Arts and Technology 1701
Trunk Dunja Social and Behavioral Science 1647
Tuella Carolyn Nursing 1323
Vogt Maria Natural Science and Mathematics 1318
Walter Rebecca Natural Science and Mathematics 1317