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Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext Email
Adams Margaret Academic Services/Services for Students with Disabilities 1654
Adewolu Abisola (Abby) Enrollment Management/Admissions 1388
Amill Linda Facilities/Physical Plant 1354
Amin Farzana Human Resources 1133
Bagce Yanett Salazar TRIO SSS-Star Program 1262
Bai Yifeng Center for Teaching & Learning with Technology 1790
Barriera Ashley Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1661
Basler Rich Institutional Advancement 1295
Battiste Kevin Security 1366
Benitez Aristalia Student Financial Services/Financial Aid 1213
Bergen Patricia Enrollment Management 1386
Berrocal Gloria Academic Services/Registrar 1221
Birch Brian Student Financial Services/Financial Aid 1399
Blandford Todd Security 1366
Bolds Harris Security 1366
Bonilla Amaryllis Enrollment Mangement/Marketing 1561
Boss S'Miyah Business Office 1218
Brady James Information Technology 1224
Brown Waheebah Equal Opportunity Fund 1784
Brown-Johnson Leah Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1258
Burchfield Rick Enrollment Mangement/Marketing 1387
Buxbaum Howard President's Office 1200
Calcagno Vincent Information Technology 1224
Calish Sherrie PBI Grant Office 1681
Capozzi Mayra Business Office 1432
Carter Lorraine Social and Behavioral Sciences 1644
Christiansen Joanne Creative Arts and Technology 1507
Christiansen Kyle Information Technology 1224
Cibelli Nicole Enrollment Management/Admissions 1390
Cividanes Jackie Athlethics 1768
Last Name First Name Division Phone Ext Email
Aidala Zachary Social and Behavioral Science 1105
Boeri Natascia Social and Behavioral Science 1778
Castro Tammy Natural Science and Mathematics 1445
Cleophat Nixon Humanities 1236
Collmier Robert Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1389
Conrad Angela Humanities 1425
Cook Grace Natural Science and Mathematics 1273
Cruse-Cohen Christie Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1377
Curtis Debra Natural Science and Mathematics 1316
Dennis K. Denise Social and Behavioral Science 1284
DiLiberto Maryann Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1379
Dillard Esther Humanities 1278
Edens Gregory Natural Science and Mathematics 1779
Eguchi Amy Education 1122
Fasanella Karen Education 1106
Flood Marianne Nursing 1562
Fralix Brandon Humanities 1139
Gadson Jonterri Humanities 1443
Gagnon Doreen Nursing 1134
Gomez-Delgado Abraham Creative Arts and Technology 1730
Gordon Peter Creative Arts and Technology 1773
Harris-Ramsby Fiona Humanities 1733
Hill Laura Humanities 1732
Jackson Mark Library 1714
Kardos Peter Social and Behavioral Science 1288
Koepp Leila Natural Science and Mathematics 1310
Koplik Elissa Social and Behavioral Science 1646
Kowalchyk Claudia Social and Behavioral Science 1287
Kreutzer Steven Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1342
Lee GJ Creative Arts and Technology 1402