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Tenisha Malcolm-Wint ’06, Alumna

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You cannot argue with family. Tenisha Malcolm-Wint '06 is one of four family members who are proud Bloomfield College graduates and have "gone on to do phenomenal things," according to Malcolm-Wint who earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the College.

A special gift that Bloomfield imparted, she says, is that the College had the partnerships and networks in place that allowed her to start to gain professional experience even before graduation, including participating in internships and shadowing public relations professionals in the financial industry, and in the healthcare and fashion industries.

"I thrive better in an up-close and personal experience and Bloomfield College provided that small educational learning atmosphere with classmates, financial aid office administrators, instructors and professors," said Malcolm-Wint. "I found that everyone took great care and pride in cultivating me for the school. I received significant financial support to attend, it was close to home and had the community feel I valued."

As an English major, Malcolm-Wint credits Dr. Jean Nutter for expanding her thinking about how she could apply her degree, introducing her to the possibilities such as broadcast television anchor, copywriting editor, video production, screenwriting, corporate communications, PR agency work and more.

"One of my most impactful memories is the period of time when WBCR radio was launched," Malcolm-Wint remembers fondly. "Dr. Nutter was instrumental in working with a foundation to build out the studio and equipment, and she involved all of us as students in implementing our learning and putting it into action. From doing newswriting to developing playlists, and more, seeing something from start to execution made it real. Creating a real production on our new broadcast station was an eye-opening transition to that practical experience."

Malcolm-Wint, who is working toward a Master of Public Administration at Rutgers University, is Director of Urban Programs at The Nature Conservancy and founder of TNM Consulting, LLC. She has also served as an Assistant Program Officer with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Director of Development with Unified Vailsburg Services Organization (UVSO), Director of Special Projects with GrassROOTS Community Foundation and has held several other leadership positions in the nonprofit sector. She is also Vice President of Jamaica Organization of New Jersey (JON-J) and a Board Member of A Day At A Time NJ, a nonprofit with a mission to serve, build, inspire and educate communities by providing tools and resources for individuals who have faced personal adversities. She has served as the Commissioner for the City of Newark Caribbean Commission, as a member of the Greater Newark Conservancy Advisory Board, as Fundraising Chair for the Urban League of Essex County and a Fellow of Leadership Newark.

"At Bloomfield, I experienced a lot of interactions with phenomenally strong women like Dean Rose Mitchell. Seeing her as a beacon who demonstrated good leadership, I was impressed and admired and respected her. I would take guiding principles from observing her that I would apply to improving my own leadership skills," recalls Malcolm-Wint. "I learned to acknowledge that we are not all masters of everything, and that I needed to grow in developing a collaborative spirit for working best with others on team projects. I also learned to give myself more grace and patience, and learned that I could advance in any errors I made the next time around."

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